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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finger updates

I had a couple of finger appointments yesterday. My finger, in my mind, looks absolutely disgusting, but the doctor was glad to see it looked exactly how he expected it to look.  Even though it's gross looking, it's not infected and it's not looking worse than it should at this point.  There's still a high chance of the skin not healing, though.  We won't know for sure what the final outcome of my finger will be (either it will heal just fine or it will need to be cut down to right below the first knuckle) for another two weeks.  I go in for that appointment on Feb. 15.  I also went to the physical therapist who fitted me for a splint. YAY!  I can use so much more of my hand now.  I don't have a ginormous amount of gauze and tape on my finger and hand.  I've also been cleared to work again. :)  If you want to see updated gross finger pictures, you can check them out HERE (<--- click on it...I dare you!).

Do you want to read something eerie and crazy?  Check out this post my mom did on her blog...  As she was getting ready to post this particular recipe and the story that accompanied about almost losing her pinky when she was 3, she got the call from Tim informing them about my accident.  Just go read it.  Go HERE.

Hurr are pics of my new, hot, and functional splint:


Teandra said...

That is so crazy! I'm sorry about your finger, it does make a good story though.

Whitney said...

Yuck. Why did I listen to you and your dare??

Here's hoping you get to keep your finger. If not, my boss lost his pinky finger in a farming accident and now like to say, "Give me a high FOUR!"