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Friday, September 30, 2011

I got a hat!!

Last night was the very last thing I had to go to complete my graduation requirements.  Graduates had to decorate their own table, showcasing themselves.  Employers came around and we had to basically just sell ourselves (in a very non-sexual way, might I add).  Since I am not really looking for a job right now because of FREAKIN' AWESOME opportunity that I have received (more on that later), it was pretty lame for me.  I had to keep turning down employers. :/ At the beginning of the "portfolio show", we received our new chef coats that have our names on it (fancy stuff...) and then at the end there was a hat ceremony where we received our chef hats.  We were informed as the ceremony began that we had to say a few words about how awesome culinary school (most particularly, the Art Institute of Salt Lake City) is.  Lame.  Anyways.  Here's some pictures of it:

My sweet-a table

Here are the pictures of my food that I printed up and showcased:
rhubarb sauce, savory bread pudding, roasted wild mushrooms, scallions, rhubarb chip

deconstructed BLT: sourdough bread froth, roasted tomatoes (red & yellow), pork belly, roasted wild mushrooms tossed in aioli, kale chip

sous vide cauliflower puree, scallops, green apple, cumin veloute froth, caramel chip w/ ras el hanout spice, microgreens

scallops & shrimp in spicy mixture stuff, wild rice mixture (I  really don't remember much about this one, but it was goood)

a quenelle of lemon-basil sorbet and tomato sorbet,, honey-roasted tomatoes, blackberries, streusel

red & golden beets, sliced artichoke heart, date puree, cranberry puree, jalapeno vinaigrette

beet ravioli - ricotta cheese filling

Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, hi!! It's me, Tricia!

It has been FOREVER!!  Life has been INSANE and blogging was the last thing on my list.  Obviously I never got to the bottom of my list for the past bopbillion months (bopbillion was my sister's favorite, made-up number when she was little and has since become mine too).  I have some exciting news.  As of this past Friday, I am a graduate!  I am DONE with culinary school, and not only that, I graduated summa cum laude.  That's a 4.0!!  It feels a little surreal to be done.  To celebrate that grand occasion, I went to physical therapy to get two dislocated ribs put back into place and taped up for additional support, then Tim and I tried to go mountain biking, only to have to stop 20 minutes in because I could feel my ribs slipping back out, after that I went home and some friends came over to help me make and decorate 30 cupcakes for a baby shower I was throwing the next day.  Tim was SO EXCITED for me that, he flew to Vermont this morning for a 12 days and forgot to take me with him. :/  Oh well.

Here's pics from the baby shower:

 (The ceiling was vaulted, so I could only reach a little portion of the ceiling to hang the pom-poms on. ha)

 (I used THIS tutorial for the onesies)

The onesies were the first thing I have sewn in 3 or 4 months! Crazy! I've been slacking!