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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pine Mouth Syndrome

...It's a real thing...and I have it.  Tuesday night (at 11:00 pm to be exact), I was eating a cherry laffy taffy (you know...a pre-midnight snack, no biggie) and it tasted SO bitter.  So, I tried six or so more laffy taffys in different flavors JUST to make sure they weren't all bitter, but they were.  I figured my taste buds were off, so I went to sleep.  Breakfast the next morning was just as bitter.  BLAH!  Everything tasted as if I was chewing on the pith from a citrus peel.  Tim figured it had something to do with a nutrient deficiency, so I googled away.  The first thing that popped up after typing in "bitter taste in mouth after eating" was something about pine nuts.  DING DING DING DING DIIIIINNNNGG!!  There is a specific type of pine nut from China, 1-3 days after consumption, causes a sever bitter taste in the mouth that lasts for about 2 weeks.  :(  It doesn't effect (affect?? I dunno) everyone...only a really small percentage and your's truly is one of them.  And so is my mom.  Dang Settebello's pizza!  You've ruined my appetite!  Maybe I'll finally lose the last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight!!  
So before you go thinking that you might have diabetes or your liver or kidney's are failing because you have a bitter taste in your mouth that will only go away if you don't consume food, ask your self, "Have I consumed pine nuts in the last 1-3 days?"  The End.

Oh, here's a very recent article on it (just so you know I'm not full of it!):  CLICK HERE!

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Whitney said...

That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. I really hope it doesn't last 2 weeks for you!