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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Busy, busy, busy.  I can't believe that each quarter gets even busier than the last.  This is nuts.  I need my snuggie, James McAvoy, a jar of frosting or three, and a nap.  Maybe one day.  This has been a pretty exciting quarter.  I'm taking some really fun classes: Asian cuisine, Intro to Pastry, and Garde Manger (Garde Manger is cold prep like salads, sandwiches, hors d' ouvres, appetizers, even sausages!, curing, smoking, ice carving (yeah, I get to take an ice carving class!!), fruit sculpturing, etc...pretty sweet!).  

The other week, we had a guest chef come and teach us about sushi! mmmm....  It was awesome!  I probably ate my weight in sushi, or at least it felt like it.  I took lots of pictures and videos.  The video below is kinda long, but is full of neat tips and tricks.  I can't remember exactly what is in each video and I don't have the time re-watch them to find out, but I DO remember that there's some good stuff in them.  :) I wish I could remember the chef's name because he was fantastic and deserves credit.  If I remember it, I will post his name.  If you have any sushi questions, please feel free to ask and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.  Enjoy the pictures and videos!
(We learned the ins and outs of making awesome tempura, hand rolls, inside-out rolls, regular sushi rolls, how to fillet and cook eel and an amazing sauce to go with it, and of course all about sushi rice)


Lindsay said...

YUM. I LOVE sushi. I can't wait to eat it after I'm done being pregnant again. YUM! Looks amazing!

Amy said...

Oh my holy cow, this makes me SO HUNGRY! I love sushi more than I love most things in this world. OH... but I DO love your cute family more than sushi. However, sushi PLUS Layton family = extra awesome.

rebecca said...

Jeff is so very jealous.