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Monday, January 3, 2011

Macarons (as opposed to Macaroons)

After doing a research paper on French macarons, I've become obsessed.  Supposedly they're the new cupcake.  They are the cutest (and most delicious) little things. 

I kept reading about how hard they are to make even though they're made of just 4 ingredients.  The other week, I finally tried to make them.  They looked perfect on the outside, but they came out completely hollow.  Dang.  I wanted to try to make them again for New Year's Eve, so I did some research and found out that the hollowness is due to overmixing (one too many folds of the batter will ruin it.  One site said it should take no more than 50 folds).  I tried to make them again yesterday.  The first batch was still a little hollow but not as bad as the first time I made them.  I then attempted a second batch and counted how many times I folded the batter.  At about 37 folds, I stopped.  The second batch was pretty much perfect except that I guess the tip of my piping bag wasn't completely perpendicular to the baking sheet when piping the batter, so some of them came out slanted.  The inside, though, was exactly how it should be.  YAY! I  made macarons!!  Seriously guys, these things take more pampering than a new born, so I find this quite the feat.

(please excuse my dry, old lady looking hands.  That industrial strength degreaser from school will do that to ya.)

 I filled these with a scrumptious peppermint buttercream icing. mmmm...  I made some other ones with a white chocolate peppermint ganache.  The ganache ones melted in my dang good!

If you feel like taking on the task of making macarons (again, not macarOOns, they're completely different), then check out this article/recipe HERE!


Lindsay said...

Yum! Yours look amazing! Nice work! Question...are they supposed to be hard and semi-crunchy? I had one at the Sweet Tooth Fairy and it wasn't what I was expecting, yummy, but different. I thought they might be softer, but maybe I just have no idea. Those look incredible though!

Tricia L said...

They're supposed to have a thin, crunchy shell and the interior is supposed to be soft and chewy. If they were super crunchy with hardly any chew, then they were over cooked. Another sign of them being over cooked is they will have a strong almond flavor. The cookie is supposed to have a very mild flavor, with almost all the flavor coming from the filling. They're supposed to just melt in your mouth. For really good ones, try the ones at Les Madeleines in Salt Lake on 216 East 500 South. Theirs are the best in the state (well, besides mine, obviously ;) ).

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I have always loved macarons (how they look...actually never tasted them). However, they seem pretty intimidating so thanks for the tips. Maybe someday I'll try it out :) Or just come visit and have you make me some!

Terri said...

Too bad, so sad for all of you who can only dream of eating Tricia's macarons. I have eaten quite a few of them and they are amazing, especially tan ones (having a brain cramp and can't remember the name!) Tricia, what flavor were they? Shoot. Anyway they were absolutely addicting.