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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Taryn,

Now first off, please don't judge me on the fact that I still haven't sent you and Grant your highly anticipated Christmas present.  It will come...eventually, and when it does, it will rock your world.

I cannot begin to tell you how difficult it is for me to remember to take pictures of the things I do, but I really tried...just for you, so that I could update you.  Hurr you go.

I have a pet dinosaur at home.  It's true.  A real, live dinosaur.  Just check out this dinosaur hair:
Luckily Jen just gave him a haircut last night so I don't have to deal with dinosaur hair at church anymore.

Gavin has taught Kade the art of growling, so the two of them will growl and chase each other, just like dinosaurs.

When my boys aren't acting like dinosaurs, they're digging for dinosaurs:

or they're tearing up the place and acting like goofs:

(Check out the wake of destruction behind Gavin.  How he does it, I have no idea.)

Tim works...all day, every day, and he just loves to do it.

I usually just sit around on my butt, eating things I shouldn't, ignoring kids when I shouldn't, refusing to clean and gaining copious amounts of weight.  You need no picture of that.  It's pretty sick.

BUT!  I did have Mat, Jen, Scott, and Trisha over for dinner last night!!  I may have forgotten to take pictures of them, but I did get pictures of the food.  Well, most of the food.  Again, I'm just not good at this picture taking stuff.

Jen's salad seriously rocked.  I'm a total salad lover and her's was awesome.  Look at now beautiful it was!


There's seems to be a child crying for me.  I suppose I should go look into that.



Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Thank you! You did not disappoint :) I feel so much more in touch with the happenings of the S. Jordan Laytons! Glad to know I have 2 dinosaurs for nephews...that's pretty unique I'd have to say. And, that food looks delicious, we'll have to come have you cook for us one of these days! Hope things are going well. Stay sane (I know that's easier said than done with being mom, wife, school, house, etc). Lovin the updates though...take pictures and keep them coming! Love, us.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

also Grant Loves Tim's Tie. Tell him good work with it.

aden said...

Dinner looks like it was delicious. If we lived closer I'd have to invite myself over.

Fowl Ideas said...

The guy on the computer may not be taking his medication...

Better check.

All Hail the Chicken!!