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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Anthropologie is coming out with a line of wedding gowns.  The unveiling is on Feb. 14.  You can take a sneak peak HERE.  Their stuff is gorgeous!!  I would have been all over that for my wedding.  I think I'll take one of each just so I can wear them around my house.  Who's with me (besides Courtney)?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Chef Gavin!!

Name: Chef Gavin
Nickname: Gavisaurus-rex
Favorite activity: playing with Mya and Dax
Favorite Food: chicken nuggets
Famous for: making a mean tortilla

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Taryn,

Now first off, please don't judge me on the fact that I still haven't sent you and Grant your highly anticipated Christmas present.  It will come...eventually, and when it does, it will rock your world.

I cannot begin to tell you how difficult it is for me to remember to take pictures of the things I do, but I really tried...just for you, so that I could update you.  Hurr you go.

I have a pet dinosaur at home.  It's true.  A real, live dinosaur.  Just check out this dinosaur hair:
Luckily Jen just gave him a haircut last night so I don't have to deal with dinosaur hair at church anymore.

Gavin has taught Kade the art of growling, so the two of them will growl and chase each other, just like dinosaurs.

When my boys aren't acting like dinosaurs, they're digging for dinosaurs:

or they're tearing up the place and acting like goofs:

(Check out the wake of destruction behind Gavin.  How he does it, I have no idea.)

Tim works...all day, every day, and he just loves to do it.

I usually just sit around on my butt, eating things I shouldn't, ignoring kids when I shouldn't, refusing to clean and gaining copious amounts of weight.  You need no picture of that.  It's pretty sick.

BUT!  I did have Mat, Jen, Scott, and Trisha over for dinner last night!!  I may have forgotten to take pictures of them, but I did get pictures of the food.  Well, most of the food.  Again, I'm just not good at this picture taking stuff.

Jen's salad seriously rocked.  I'm a total salad lover and her's was awesome.  Look at now beautiful it was!


There's seems to be a child crying for me.  I suppose I should go look into that.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Ashlee,

As I was doing my hair today, I started thinking about bangs and I became curious, did you ever have bangs that looked like the either of the following?:

I remember that the philosophy was, the bigger the better.  In 6th and 7th grade I attempted to have bangs like the first girl. Imagine the biggest hoop earrings you've ever seen, my bangs didn't look like that, BUT my best friend's bangs did and I was mesmerized by their huge roundness.  Mine were more like the picture that gymnasts bangs.  I'm wondering if you will do your bangs like that and take a picture of it for me?  I think it would be quite amusing to see you with bangs like either of these fine women.

Ashlee, you need to know that I am totally smitten by your Wesley and I fear I may steal him from you and call him my own.  You've been warned.

I've been watching some Veronica Mars lately (and by some, I really mean all 3 seasons), and I about jumped out of my untainted-by-Kim panties when all of a sudden I heard...
Louis XIV!!  Veronica Mars is SO cool that they played not only one but TWO Louis XIV songs.  Every time they said "lover" I thought of you.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Courtney,

I still can't understand why you felt it necessary to ditch me here in lame Utard for even lamer Bel Air, MD, but whatev.  I don't have the time or energy to ponder it anymore, so I'm over it...almost.  Did you know that in April there's a movie coming out with...
Too bad you're not here with me so we could watch it together and dream about our imaginary McAvoy spawns.  I'm over it...sorta.

Update on the kiddos...
We both new that I have a one-year-old Gavin in my house, but for more proof, check it out:
First up, Gavin:

Next up, Gavin #2 (aka, the Kade):

Oh, and speaking of Kade, HE WALKS! He started right after you left.  Too bad Cody felt it necessary to tear you from wonderful Utah, or you would have been here to see it.  Cody sucks.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baptism Gifts

The Tim and I are CRT 7 primary teachers.  The kids in our class get baptized this year.  The first gets baptized this week.  For a baptism gift, I'm making them scripture cases.  Here's the first of the bunch:

Yay for baptism!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Macarons (as opposed to Macaroons)

After doing a research paper on French macarons, I've become obsessed.  Supposedly they're the new cupcake.  They are the cutest (and most delicious) little things. 

I kept reading about how hard they are to make even though they're made of just 4 ingredients.  The other week, I finally tried to make them.  They looked perfect on the outside, but they came out completely hollow.  Dang.  I wanted to try to make them again for New Year's Eve, so I did some research and found out that the hollowness is due to overmixing (one too many folds of the batter will ruin it.  One site said it should take no more than 50 folds).  I tried to make them again yesterday.  The first batch was still a little hollow but not as bad as the first time I made them.  I then attempted a second batch and counted how many times I folded the batter.  At about 37 folds, I stopped.  The second batch was pretty much perfect except that I guess the tip of my piping bag wasn't completely perpendicular to the baking sheet when piping the batter, so some of them came out slanted.  The inside, though, was exactly how it should be.  YAY! I  made macarons!!  Seriously guys, these things take more pampering than a new born, so I find this quite the feat.

(please excuse my dry, old lady looking hands.  That industrial strength degreaser from school will do that to ya.)

 I filled these with a scrumptious peppermint buttercream icing. mmmm...  I made some other ones with a white chocolate peppermint ganache.  The ganache ones melted in my dang good!

If you feel like taking on the task of making macarons (again, not macarOOns, they're completely different), then check out this article/recipe HERE!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Longest Christmas Post EVER

Oh, man. I took SO many pictures this Christmas.  It's out of control.  So, grab a snack, a blanket, and curl up by a nice, warm fire and check out this novel of a post (oh, and praise me for my awesomeness at documenting Christmas 2010).

First up,  the classic Christmas morning picture on the stairs:

Next up, me finishing up Christmas gifts for my ma and sister.  I'm sewing them snuggies while I'm wearing a snuggie...I'm so funny.

And now on to...nothing.  That's it.  Those are the ONLY pictures that were taken on Christmas.  Awesome.  BUT I did take lots of video.  Go me.

Hope your Christmas was fabulous!