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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Craziness and such...

This has been my life for the past 8 weeks...

I'm nearing the end of the quarter (3 weeks left) and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Safety and Sanitation has been the most boring thing of my life. So lame.  I've loved my actual cooking class, but I'm ready to get away from the basics and do more exciting BAKING! and American Regional Cuisine! YAY!   I can't believe how much harder school is with 2 kids instead of one!  It was a breeze with one kid...two, though? AH!! I've never been so busy and overwhelmed in my life!  I'm slowly figuring out how to balance it all, though, so things are getting better.  Gavin keeps asking me when his teacher is going to start teaching him how to cook (oh, yeah...Gavin started pre-school 3 weeks ago!). 
I've been filling up free time with some crafts.  I made me a snuggie (almost the first love of my life), 2 snuggies for the neighbor kids so Gavin and them could watch movies together in them, a couple of quiet books for gifts, neck pillows for Timmy and me, 40 bags for a biking team, all those baby shower gifts for Ashlee, and right now I'm working on some Halloween bags for the kids (I'm almost done and will share with you the awesomeness).  Hurr's the two quiet books:
My Aunt Leslie had a friend that had a baby and she wanted to give a quiet book as a gift.  The baby's name is Berkley Rose. I love my bedding so much that I used it as inspiration for the cover.

My Aunt Donna saw Berkley's book and loved it so she asked me to make one for her that she can let her future grandchildren play with.  She wants to be called "Mimi Donna" so I used those letters for the book. Aunt Donna had been eyeing the same bedding that I got from Anthropologie, so when she saw Berkley's cover, she knew she had to have on just like it.
Aunt Donna wanted a zipper pocket that was lined so she could put treats in it.  I bought a shower curtain from WalMart for a buck and used that to line it.

Oh, and just check out these cute kids:
I heart them.

I need a nap.


Lindsay said...

WOW! You DO need a nap! How on earth do you do it all! You are amazing. Maybe I should hire you to be my personal chef and seamstress!

Whitney said...

I have no idea how you do all that you do. But I am seriously SO jealous of your talents!

Terri said...

Yeah, well I heart you AND them AND Tim.