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Monday, September 13, 2010

Most embarrassing moment...

I have been cursed with the most terrible periods ever...seriously.  Having a period isn't fun to begin with, but mine are at least 50 times worse than any of my friends and it's always been that way from day 1.  Yes, my embarrassing moment is a period story. I'm sure us ladies all have one, and if you don't, then you suck. 

At the very beginning of January in 1998, so half way through the school year of 7th grade, my family moved from South Jordan, UT to Houston, TX (holla!). On the VERY FIRST DAY of school, naturally I was on my period (it was like my second period ever). I go to my first 4 classes, then to lunch and then off to gym class (so my fifth class of the day).  As I'm waiting outside the coaches office to talk to her about getting a uniform, a girl comes up to me and says, "You have a HUGE red spot on your butt." (large emphasis on HUGE) Uh...seriously?  So, I take a look, and sure enough, there's a HUGE red spot, like the size of a large orange.  I flush and say something really stupid like, "No way! I think I sat in some ketchup at lunch!" (yes, I really said that). I go in to the coaches office, pretty much in tears, tell her my predicament, and she kindly offers to wash my pants while I'm in class.  She washes them, but they didn't have any stain treatment, so my red stain then turns to a green stain.  She offered her jacket to me so I could tie it around my waste for the rest of the day and let me return it the next day.  Who knows how long I walked around school with that red spot before gym class.  Oh builds character, right?

I might have another story that happened in the 10th grade that has to do with falling down the school steps leading to the lunch room in between classes while wearing a short dress...people may or may not have seen my least they were cute.


Lindsay said...

Oh man...I feel ya. This year alone, I have had 2 episodes INSIDE THE TEMPLE wearing all white. Once they had to stop the session for me while I went to clean myself up and go commando for the rest of the session and the other time I fainted at the altar while doing sealings from loss of blood. Yikes. Very embarrassing. Can't there be an easier way???

Katie said...

I guess I'm one of those girls who suck. Sorry Trish. Oh and falling in the cafeteria...don't worry, your not the only one. I wiped out right as school got out and everyone saw but no one commented. I just layed on the floor laughing. I wish the had laughed because it had to have looked hilarious.