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Monday, August 9, 2010

Some questions answered...

1. Where do I get my fabric?
Material Girl's located in South Jordan, right off of Redwood Road and 10400.  It's by Cafe Rio. It's pretty much the best fabric store EVER!  If you're wanting the soft minky fabric, The Fabric Center on Redwood Road  in West Jordan by Winger's and that cheap theater has the BIGGEST selection of it...they easily have over 100 different kinds. Love it!

2. Do I have a tutorial for the onesies?
Well, I know I've seen tutorials out there, but I can't remember where.  I just winged it.  Here's my process:
-On, in their search engine, I typed in "applique" and I found cute applique patterns/shapes. I printed them off and then Courtney traced inside of them to make them smaller so that they fit the onesies.
-I then traced them onto Wonder Under (or an equivalent of something that's fusible on both sides), ironed it onto the back of the fabric, cut out the shape out of the fabric, took off the paper backing, ironed it onto the onesie and then did a straight stitch along the edge of the shape (make sure to use a ballpoint needle or you'll ruin the onesie).  
-If you are doing a shape that is directional (as in, you want it to face a certain way and it would matter if it was a mirror image like a letter or number), then make sure you trace it onto the Wonder Under backwards.

3. How did I attach the letters on the quilt?
I used the above process BUT since the letters were so difficult to sew around and make the stitching look nice and even (I seriously tried 5 different ways of sewing them on), I finally decided to use clear thread for the first time and it's AMAZING! You totally can't even see it.  I tried using a zig-zag stitch around the letters and I didn't like it so much, so I then did a straight stitch.  If you're not very good at doing applique and your stitches are coming out sloppy like mine, then clear thread is totally the way to one can even see your sloppiness. :)

P.S. School rocks!

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The Fords said...

You are seriously so talented!! I LOVE the 12 day's of baby. I want to make all of those!
I'm glad that school is rock'n for you!