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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Snuggie for Gavin!

Ever since I made the snuggie for Ashlee, Gavin has been asking for one of his own.  He told me he wanted a blue, green and purple one.  This fabric (as awful as it is), is the only fleece I could find with those three colors on it.  He LOVES it.  I had to figure out sizing for a 4 year old using the original pattern (found HERE).  It seems to be perfect.  He made me carry him everywhere in it so his feet could stay covered.  Here's a crude drawing for the adjustments for a little guy:

If you can't really read it, I will write it out for you:

-You'll need 2 yards of fleece

-first cut off 17.5 inches of fabric from the bottom, THEN cut the fleece so that it's 44" wide (the original 60" is WAY too big).  Cut the strip of 17.5" fleece into 2 20" lengths and then sew a tube for the sleeves.

-The armholes start 9" from the top of the fleece and they are 16" apart

-The armhole oval measures 6 5/8" top to bottom and 4 1/8" across

Other than that, you can follow the directions on the original site.  It's pretty basic and you can probably just wing it.  I didn't finish the edges on either snuggie and it looks totally fine.  I'm really lazy and short on time.  So far, Walmart has the cheapest fleece (plain colored fleece is $4.44/yd) unless you have a 1/2 off coupon for JoAnn's or something.


Whitney said...

Gavin is so AWESOME!

Jenifer said...

Way to go making the snuggie kid sized. Gavin cracks me up. :)