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Friday, August 6, 2010

12 Days of BABY!!

One of my old roommates is having a baby in October.  She lives in Houston now.  Courtney (another roommate) and I were super bummed that we were too poor to be able to go out to Houston and throw her a baby shower.  We wanted to do something special for her, so we thought of what we call "12 Days of BABY!".  We were going to send her a gift every day for 12 days and have the last gift land on the day that she would be having her baby shower here in Utah.  Well, again, Courtney and I realized we were too poor to be able to pay for all the shipping, soooooo...we decided to just give her 11of her gifts at once and still give her the last one on her shower day.  She just arrived to Utah on Wednesday, so Courtney and I ambushed her that evening.  Here's what we made for her:

***Please excuse the crappy pictures...they were taken on my phone in poor lighting.  Sorry!***

Appliqued Onesies sizes 6-9 months

and 9-12 months

A SNUGGIE! (I'm totally addicted now.  Naturally I had to try it out first, and I did so on a car ride to Nevada, and it was AWESOME!) Tutorial found HERE

Binki Leashes  Tutorial HERE  We got her some binkies to go with them too.

A personlized Quiet Book  Pattern HERE

A rice warming pack that is scented with clove and cinnamon  Tutorial HERE

Burp cloths.  There's terry cloth on the other side of them.  Tutorial HERE

The sweetest neck pillow EVER! I'm in love with this too!  I need to make me one now.  Tutorial HERE

Yummy hospital/late night treats

Some body care stuff for the hospital stay and for baby

Something for the brain and eyes for the hospital and late nights

Some more hospital care stuff

And here is what we're giving her at her shower (tomorrow).  I added some felt circles and stars for the baby to grab/feel/play with.  Tutorial HERE


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Very cute idea! love it all. Have you found any binki leashes that work with the Soothie pacifiers? I might have to make myself a Snuggie to wear this winter when I work!

Missy said...

Adorable! You are one crafty chick. I am so glad that your share how to make them. I may have to attempt some of them.


K you are SOO talented! I hope I have a boy so I can steal all these ideas!! I love reading your blog you have such great taste and your boys are the cutest! Where do you find your fabric? Online?? Hope you are doing well my parents always say how they love having you in their ward!:)


oh there a tutorial for those onsies?? I've GOT to make some!!!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

These gifts are AWESOME!!!!! So creative and thoughtful. I'm a little jealous ;) What a good friend you are!

TC said...

I love all the fabrics!!! Where do you buy your fabrics from?

Whitney said...

Why, why, WHY are you so awesomely crafty?!?! I wish that I could be you.

Allie said...

OK. Seriously you are amazing. You cook, sew, super crafty. I'm totally jealous! I bet your friend loved ALL of it!