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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've found a cure...

...for constipation AND it's all natural AND it's FUN!  It's true! You'll never guess what it is so I won't make you.  Are you ready for this?'s shopping! Seriously!  Without fail, EVERY time I go shopping (whether it's a quick trip to get milk or a nice long clothes shopping adventure) I always have an urgent need to go right before I get to the checkout line.  I could go 10 days between bowel movements and shopping or even have 2 days in a row of having to run to the grocery store and sure enough, when I'm about to grab my last item my body decides I need to go poop right away.  Don't try to tell me it's probably because I'm up walking and moving more than I usually do because it's not true.  I'm up and running around constantly in my 5 hour cooking classes and never have the need to go to the bathroom.  I think my body is telling me I need to shop more.  All you women out there with irregular bowels...just go shopping.

(hahaha, I said "poop" "constipation" and "bowel movements" on a public blog)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Snuggie for Gavin!

Ever since I made the snuggie for Ashlee, Gavin has been asking for one of his own.  He told me he wanted a blue, green and purple one.  This fabric (as awful as it is), is the only fleece I could find with those three colors on it.  He LOVES it.  I had to figure out sizing for a 4 year old using the original pattern (found HERE).  It seems to be perfect.  He made me carry him everywhere in it so his feet could stay covered.  Here's a crude drawing for the adjustments for a little guy:

If you can't really read it, I will write it out for you:

-You'll need 2 yards of fleece

-first cut off 17.5 inches of fabric from the bottom, THEN cut the fleece so that it's 44" wide (the original 60" is WAY too big).  Cut the strip of 17.5" fleece into 2 20" lengths and then sew a tube for the sleeves.

-The armholes start 9" from the top of the fleece and they are 16" apart

-The armhole oval measures 6 5/8" top to bottom and 4 1/8" across

Other than that, you can follow the directions on the original site.  It's pretty basic and you can probably just wing it.  I didn't finish the edges on either snuggie and it looks totally fine.  I'm really lazy and short on time.  So far, Walmart has the cheapest fleece (plain colored fleece is $4.44/yd) unless you have a 1/2 off coupon for JoAnn's or something.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Some questions answered...

1. Where do I get my fabric?
Material Girl's located in South Jordan, right off of Redwood Road and 10400.  It's by Cafe Rio. It's pretty much the best fabric store EVER!  If you're wanting the soft minky fabric, The Fabric Center on Redwood Road  in West Jordan by Winger's and that cheap theater has the BIGGEST selection of it...they easily have over 100 different kinds. Love it!

2. Do I have a tutorial for the onesies?
Well, I know I've seen tutorials out there, but I can't remember where.  I just winged it.  Here's my process:
-On, in their search engine, I typed in "applique" and I found cute applique patterns/shapes. I printed them off and then Courtney traced inside of them to make them smaller so that they fit the onesies.
-I then traced them onto Wonder Under (or an equivalent of something that's fusible on both sides), ironed it onto the back of the fabric, cut out the shape out of the fabric, took off the paper backing, ironed it onto the onesie and then did a straight stitch along the edge of the shape (make sure to use a ballpoint needle or you'll ruin the onesie).  
-If you are doing a shape that is directional (as in, you want it to face a certain way and it would matter if it was a mirror image like a letter or number), then make sure you trace it onto the Wonder Under backwards.

3. How did I attach the letters on the quilt?
I used the above process BUT since the letters were so difficult to sew around and make the stitching look nice and even (I seriously tried 5 different ways of sewing them on), I finally decided to use clear thread for the first time and it's AMAZING! You totally can't even see it.  I tried using a zig-zag stitch around the letters and I didn't like it so much, so I then did a straight stitch.  If you're not very good at doing applique and your stitches are coming out sloppy like mine, then clear thread is totally the way to one can even see your sloppiness. :)

P.S. School rocks!

Friday, August 6, 2010

12 Days of BABY!!

One of my old roommates is having a baby in October.  She lives in Houston now.  Courtney (another roommate) and I were super bummed that we were too poor to be able to go out to Houston and throw her a baby shower.  We wanted to do something special for her, so we thought of what we call "12 Days of BABY!".  We were going to send her a gift every day for 12 days and have the last gift land on the day that she would be having her baby shower here in Utah.  Well, again, Courtney and I realized we were too poor to be able to pay for all the shipping, soooooo...we decided to just give her 11of her gifts at once and still give her the last one on her shower day.  She just arrived to Utah on Wednesday, so Courtney and I ambushed her that evening.  Here's what we made for her:

***Please excuse the crappy pictures...they were taken on my phone in poor lighting.  Sorry!***

Appliqued Onesies sizes 6-9 months

and 9-12 months

A SNUGGIE! (I'm totally addicted now.  Naturally I had to try it out first, and I did so on a car ride to Nevada, and it was AWESOME!) Tutorial found HERE

Binki Leashes  Tutorial HERE  We got her some binkies to go with them too.

A personlized Quiet Book  Pattern HERE

A rice warming pack that is scented with clove and cinnamon  Tutorial HERE

Burp cloths.  There's terry cloth on the other side of them.  Tutorial HERE

The sweetest neck pillow EVER! I'm in love with this too!  I need to make me one now.  Tutorial HERE

Yummy hospital/late night treats

Some body care stuff for the hospital stay and for baby

Something for the brain and eyes for the hospital and late nights

Some more hospital care stuff

And here is what we're giving her at her shower (tomorrow).  I added some felt circles and stars for the baby to grab/feel/play with.  Tutorial HERE