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Sunday, July 25, 2010


So this is my amazing cooking attire.  Really, there's nothing better.  Let me draw your attention to the 'one-size-fits-all" black and white checkered pants. Quite stunning, right? I love the fact that I get to wear this to EVERY class that deals with cooking, whether it's a lecture class or a lab class.  Sure, in the lecture classes I don't have to wear the hat, apron and neckerchief (yes...I do have to wear one those), but still...I have to wear the checkered pants, coat and the most stylish non-slip shoes.  Why can't they make non-slip shoes more cute? Why do they have to be the most tacky shoes in the store?  I have never felt so less feminine than I do when I wear this uniform, BUT I do get to go to school and talk about food ALL. DAY. LONG. How cool is that?  I'm totally loving it, except for the math class that I have to take.  You see, BYU said I didn't have to take a math class because my ACT scores were high enough, but nooooo, The Art Institute said that the only thing my ACT scores are getting me out of are all the "pre-college" classes.  Lame.  So, here I am, stuck taking college algebra.  Sitting in that class is the only time that I actually feel like I'm in school.  I love how I get to eat, sleep and breath food and cooking.  It's my favorite.  
   The first week of class, we learned everything you could imagine and then some about stocks...white stocks, brown stocks, vegetable stocks.  This past week was focused on soups...mmmmmm.  We made a mean Minestrone and Cream of Carrot soup.  Soooooo, good.  The other 4 soups that I made, I wasn't too fond of.  Next week, we're learning about the 5 Mother Sauces.  Yep, that's what they're called.  All other sauces derive from one of the 5 Mother Sauces.  Who can name me all 5?  Anyone? 


Terry said...

love the outfit! I had a cream of carrot soup in a fancy restaurant once and have longed for it ever since. Do you share recipes? Or trade? (for the salsa recipe?)

Lindsay said...

Wow! That's awesome! I hope you are loving it! I can't wait until you post your awesome recipes someday! Go Tricia!

Jenifer said...

That's quite the outfit. :) It's great you are enjoying the cooking part of the school. The soups sound really tasty!

rebecca said...

mayonaise and hollandaise! those are the only two i know.

Whitney said...

White sauce... tomato sauce... hollandaise... um... sauce and more sauce.
You look saucy.