Scripture Case Pattern

Monday, June 7, 2010

Scripture Case Pattern #2!! (For large and regular sized scriptures)

For the pattern for the large and regular size case, click HERE
 For a step-by-step picture tutorial,  click HERE 

I've redone my scripture case pattern (HERE and HERE).  It's bigger and better! And by bigger, I mean that I've made a pattern for the large scripture size too and I've made my original pattern better.  It's a nicer fit and a little more aesthetically pleasing.

**While I was remaking it, I experimented with some things.  The pattern doesn't call for bias tape and in the pattern, the handle is covered.**

You can download the tutorial with just a click of your mouse! Amazing! ;)  So, you don't have to give me your email address anymore, just click HERE and the pattern is all yours! YAY!!

The tutorial has both the large and regular size pattern.  I'll be working on a step-by-step picture tutorial sooner or later, but for right now, I only have the lame, written instructions that I only know how to send by email.  Sorry.

FYI! When you print the template, there will be a small margin that cuts off some of the lines.  Just continue the lines to edge of the paper.


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Polly said...

I'm making scripture cases for my primary class as a reward for bring their scriptures. I've already made the first one using your pattern and am working on others. I'll post pics on my blog when I'm done.

Muum said...

this is great! I am working on the same project! thanks!