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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just some rocks and dirt

We went on a little trip to Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley this past Saturday. We woke up at 4 am, met Mat, Jen, Trisha and her little sister, Brittney, in Provo at 5 am. 12 hours later, we were back at home. The kids were AMAZING! Gavin hiked pretty much the whole thing by himself except for the few minutes he was freaking out about a blister and insisted he be carried. I quickly remedied that with a couple of band aids. Thanks, Trisha, Brittney, and Mat for taking turns carrying the Gavin-monster.

Kade smiled and laughed the whole way. When we had to walk through narrow parts, he LOVED sticking his hands out to the side to feel the rock. Towards the end of the hike and at the end of Goblin Valley he took a couple of little naps.

Pictures of the troop minus Mat...because that's how he likes it. Lame.

The amazingness that is Little Wild Horse Canyon

We ate lunch at Goblin Valley and walked down around the "goblins" for about 15 minutes and then headed on home.


Lindsay said...

How AWESOME!!! Looks like a blast! I'm definitely dragging my family up there sometime this summer - how cool. Great pictures!

Whitney said...

That looks like a LOT of fun. Now tell me all about it, so that I can make Tyson take me there.

Jenifer said...

It was a fun day. Thanks for suggesting we all go!