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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Etched Glasses for Father's Day Gift Tutorial

I've been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what to do for mine and Tim's dad.  I decided to combine glass etching and my kids' drawings

Materials needed:
Transfer paper/contact paper
exacto knife
cute kids
sponge brush
I got the glasses from Target (4 for $9) and all other supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Step 1: Have your kid make some drawings on the vinyl.  I chose which scribbles I liked best and then went over them in permanent marker.  I also helped Gavin and Kade write their own names and I wrote some other stuff that I wanted on the glass ('Papa' 'Bub' '2010'). If you have a vinyl cutter, you could use it to write what ever you wanted to.  It would definitely make for cleaner lines than by doing it all by hand. :)
Step 2: With an exacto knife, cut around the permanent marker lines.
Step 3: Place the transfer paper on top.  Remove the backing from the vinyl.
Step 4: Place the vinyl and transfer paper on the glass, remove the transfer paper and make sure to press out any air bubbles in the vinyl that are close to the openings.
Step 5: Apply the etching cream according to directions. I let mine sit for about 10 minutes.
Step 6: Rinse, clean, and enjoy!  I can't figure out how to take pictures of the glasses and not get a major reflection and glare.  Sorry.  You might be able to tell how they turned out in the following pictures.

For Kade's, I wrapped the vinyl around the glass (before I had taken off the backing), put his hands around the glass, traced them and then cut it out so it looks like he's holding the glass.

I've been wanting to etch my last name onto my pyrex dishes and was finally able to do that too! YAY!!


Cait said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. You are way creative!

Whitney said...

This is so creative and cute! I love it!

Jenifer said...

Great idea!! I bet they loved them.

mizkylie said...

LOVE THIS IDEA!! YOu are so creative!!