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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camera Bag

My mom got a new camera for Mother's Day, so I made her a camera bag and strap.

Tutorial HERE

Tutorial HERE
Scrap Ribbon can be bought HERE

All pictures courtesy of my Ma.

**I still need to go pickup a camera from my parents' house so I can take pictures of everything in my life (because we all know my life is SO beyond amazing and needs to be documented with pictures every 10 minutes)**


Cait said...

Amazing! I don't think I could ever have the patience to make something like that, but now I want to try because yours is awesome and I just got a new camera and I need a new bag!

Your fabric choice is even cuter than the example too! =)

TC said...

Wow...please make me one for Christmas!!!'re invited to dinner anytime!!! lol!! That's the one talent I really do not have -- sewing! Totally jealous!

Terri said...

Eat your hearts out, everyone. The bag is all mine and I love it! It is so pretty. Tricia did an amazing job. I probably ought to pay her...

Whitney said...

Just stop being so crafty... unless you are making something for me. Something pink. :)

I am so jealous of your skills.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Awesome! You are so talented :) I'm super impressed.

Anita said...

im in love, im gonna have to try and make one.
i miss your face!

Lindsay said...

You MADE that???!!! Holy cow, you're amazing! That takes some serious talent.