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Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange things are happening to me Part Deux

So, I guess my crazy skin reaction to rings isn't all I react to.  Apparently I now react to SPF and Butternut squash. The higher the SPF I used on the cruise, the more I burned (at one point I tried SPF 85 and I crisped right up. Can we just say, "hott".). When I was at the Dr. the other day, I asked him about it and he let me know I was reacting to it. Awesome.  A couple of days ago, I peeled some butternut squash and cut it up.  Afterwards, my hand looked like this:

I looked it up online and all my reactions are called "Contact Dermatitis" (nothing cool or worth bragging rights.  Just obnoxious).  Butternut and Acorn squash are known to cause it. Thank you pregnancy for making me even more weird.

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Whitney said...

What the? Freaky!