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Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is getting ridiculous

I figured, I'd rather just let my house go to trash for a week and get all the projects done that I've wanted to for a while now, instead of dragging out the messy house problem over a few months.  It sucks not having a place designated for sewing. I have no living room or dining table right now. I almost took a picture of the mess, but got too embarrassed.

Gavin got invited to a birthday party for a girl down the street.  Here's the gift:
Tutorial HERE

Next up is a quilt for Kade my mom and I started right after he was born.

And then something to help keep things a little cleaner while sewing:
Tutorial HERE

Gavin asked me today to make him a toy giraffe. Great. The sewing will never end.


mizkylie said...

You are so creative that it makes me want to barf. Love ya!

Whitney said...

But that's what you get for having such an awesome talent! You have to make something for EVERYONE!

I also want a toy giraffe.