Scripture Case Pattern

Thursday, April 15, 2010

They're home!

...and they couldn't be happier.

Meet the birds...

This is Willard. He's trying to figure out the meaning of life. Kinda lame.  That's why he's alone on his branch.

This is Damon, Stefan, and Elena. Damon and Stefan are brothers.  Stefan and Elena are together and Damon is just so ornery and negative all the time (but quite hilarious) that nobody wants to be around him. He needs to figure out his issues.

This is Dwight and Angela. I can't even get into their issues. They run too deep.

And here we have Temperance and Seeley. These two are secretly in love, but have a hard time admitting it. They're coworkers, so their love is forbidden. 

Here is an interesting specimen. I don't know what's wrong with him, so please don't ask.

And this one? Well, we all know this kid is just weird.


Lindsay said...

Haha!!! Love it! Dwight and Angela are my favorites.

Sarah Robbins said...

Love Dwight and Angela. Awesome. You are so talented!!!

Terri said...

You make me laugh. Love the commentaries, but love those two kids of yours a whole lot more!