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Friday, March 5, 2010

Strange things are happening to me

That 3 month postpartum mark is weird on the body.  Why after 3 months does the body start to do these weird things?  Why 3 months?  What's with 3 months?  It baffles me.  My hair comes out in fist-fulls, and by the end of this shedding cycle, my hair tends to be 1/2 as thick as it was during pregnancy.  And then once it starts growing back in, I have all these silly, curly, little wispy hairs framing my face for months! Bah!  Totally annoying.  I know the hair thing is pretty much normal for every woman who has just had a baby, but what about my allergy to my wedding ring?  It's happened both times now, right at that 3 month mark.  My finger gets blisters underneath my ring, then gets super inflamed, and then after the blisters have popped it gets really swollen, dry and starts to crack, bleed and flake.  Gross.

I've had my wedding ring off for a week now and there hasn't been a bit of improvement.  I tried putting it on the other day, and after a couple of minutes my finger started burning.  When it happened after I had Gavin, I had to keep my ring off for 2 or 3 months.  I've googled it and happens to a bunch of women.  Some said that with their first pregnancy or so, it would clear up in a couple months and then with the last pregnancy, they never stopped reacting to their wedding ring and had to end up getting a platinum one.  So, just in case my allergy doesn't go away, I have a ring picked out.

I'd have the 2 side diamonds replaced with sapphires with a .75-1 ct center diamond.  Hopefully I stay allergic to my wedding ring so I can get a new one.  Wish me luck.


mizkylie said...

Here's to a new ring!! I mangled mine in my sleep and havent been able to wear it for months, I wear a boring gold band instead, I want a new ring too!! ;)

The Crandizzles said...

I totally got that too! I couldn't even wear my ring when I was pregnant plus the year afterwards when I was nursing. I've only just now been able to wear it. Our poor bodies!

Lindsay said...

That's crazy! My hair is still all gone in the front....why???

Whitney said...

You are so funny - I guess I'll cross my fingers for your weird allergy to your wedding ring to continue.

Whitney said...

P.S. Love the Toy Story reference. :)