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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is one happy baby now!  After having a scary night at the hospital (at one point, his oxygen levels dropped to 80% and his lips started turning blue), the doctor got him on some medicine! YAY!  His RSV turned into pneumonia and he ended up with an ear and eye infection also.  Soon after starting the antibiotics, he was like a whole new baby.  He started interacting with us again, eating, sleeping, breathing...EVERYTHING!   Never again will I have a winter baby.  These sicknesses are just too much.  Oh, and I guess this is what we get for thinking that we'll have semi healthy children and changing our insurance plan over to the high deductible plan. Ha.  We reached our deductible in one visit.  At least Kade is free for the rest of the year and we've basically reached the family deductible.

P.S. I love Lost :)


Terri said...

Yeah! A happy face! I'm smiling, too.

Katie said...

Oh good, I'm glad that he's doing better. I was going to call you and see how he was but I checked your blog right before I did and I saw this. I was worried about him, but I'm happy things are going a lot better.