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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me likey

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I wish my boobs were that nice and big.  Maybe one day after I convince Tim to let me get a boob job. I'm sick of the 12 year olds at church having bigger boobs than me. :(


Whitney said...

Why are you so obsessed with boobs? It cracks me up. But I love that swimming suit. It would hide my flaws and flaunt my cleavage.

Lindsay said...

I agree! My boobs deflated after nursing - yuck. Cute suit too!

Anonymous said...

There seem to be more and more women who get boob jobs to have the perfect body. After doing so how can they ever stand in front of girls and tell them to be happy with their bodies? The hypocrisy is overwhelming then. What about modesty? Dressing modestly means dressing in a way that doesn't attract attention to a person's sexuality. How can a woman get a boob job and not be trying to have people look at her in a sexual way? Boob jobs are not modest or virtuous. Please don't get a boob job. You are beautiful the way you are.