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Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting my life back

For the past year couple years I stopped making evening dinners.  It was pretty much due to the fact that we were completely broke and just couldn't afford to have a nice dinner every night, so we either ate a sandwich, cereal, or went to my parents' house (thank you SO much, mom and dad!).  I've missed cooking.  I LOVE to cook.  Since I've had Kade and Tim started bringing in enough money so that we could buy groceries, I've wanted to get back into cooking.  I always get so stressed out every evening trying to figure out what to make.  Most of the time, I would just give up and resort back to sandwiches, cereal, or my parents.  Lame.  After seeing my sister-in-law's (Taryn) blog post about her weekly dinner menus, I decided that would be an excellent way to start getting more organized with my meals.  So, I made my own weekly meal chart (not as cute and fun as hers, but it gets the job done).
Under the "Ingredients Needed" column, Taryn writes down all the ingredients she needs to get for that recipe, so because I'm a copier, I do that too.  Under the "Meal" column, I write down the recipe name, the book that it's found in and the page number.  I've been doing this for the past 3 weeks and it's been WONDERFUL!  I've filled out meal charts for the next 5 weeks too and I go grocery shopping on either Friday or Saturday.  Since I've never done meal planning before, my grocery shopping trips have consisted of me throwing in the cart whatever looks like it could have potential for a good meal, which then always results in me either not using it for months or having to go out right as I'm beginning to make a meal and gather ingredients I didn't have.  I hate that.  SO...I made a grocery list template too.
In the little boxes to the left, I write a letter for whatever store I need to get that from.  For example: C= Costco, H= Harmons, W= Walmart, etc. I write down all the ingredients from the "Ingredients Needed" column onto my grocery list.  I love having my grocery list broken down into sections, so that when I go to the grocery store, I'm not running back and forth to different aisles and sections because I forgot to grab something from there.  My grocery shopping trips are averaging 30 minutes now (including the 10 minutes it takes to go through the checkout line) as opposed to an hour or so.  It's been WONDERFUL!  Thank you, Taryn, for indirectly helping me get my life back in order, or more like getting it in order for the first time ever. I appreciate it.


jennifer a said...

That is such a good idea! I've tried meal planning before...i KIND OF do it now, but I like this system much better. it's so organized!

anytime you want to come get the formula is fine. I'm pretty much home all the time. let me know when you want to stop by and pick it up and i'll give you my address then (i'd just rather not post it on the internet!)

Cait said...

Hey! Your grocery list is a great idea. I might copy it too because when you go to the store with kids, anything to help make it be a shorter trip is great!

As for formula, I buy mine at target (up brand) because its only about $11 a can. Its still a lot but its better than enfamil or similac and I think that quality is just as good.

mizkylie said...


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Glad I could help you out without even realizing it :) This really is such an easy thing and makes a huge difference! I even saved on my grocery bill this month (because I didn't run to the store every day/other day). Love it...and glad you do too. Make sure to post an especially delicious dinners!