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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Epidural woes

I've had bone pain in my back pretty much since I delivered.  I finally decided to go to my physical therapist to see what she thought.  Turns out the anesthesiologist must have hit a tiny blood vessel when putting in the epidural which caused me to bleed a little which then caused scar tissue to build up. Over 7 inches of my vertebrae is covered in scar tissue, which makes me feel bone pain. :(  After an hour and half of my PT working me over trying to break up some of the scar tissue, this is what my back looked like....15 hours later and it still looks the same. It's extremely swollen and even more sore than before.  This treatment better work.


Whitney said...


P.S. You are not awkward with me and I love you.

Lindsay said...

Ouch! What the crap? That's horrible! I'm sorry, hope that gets feeling better!

Tim and Lara said...

ouch! People who are about to have an epidural and child for the first time should not be seeing this! I hope it gets better soon!