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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's the Layton way, and there's the normal way...

d by "the Layton way" I really mean "the Layton-Huntzinger way"  (Tim's mom is a Huntzinger)
**Thank you, Taryn, for letting me steal your pictures, even though I didn't ask**

For New Year's, we went to Gilbert, AZ to spend it with all of Tim's family.  It was SO fun being with all of them again. 

Tim's Aunt Bev hosted a New Year's Eve party (adults only and with a bunch of the Layton relatives).  She informed Tamara (Tim's mommy) that we needed to wear New Year's Eve hats to the day of the party we spent 4 or so hours in Tamara's craft room working on our hats. 

The ladies' hats kept getting bigger and bigger.  We figured it was some kind of competition and we all insisted that we were going to be the winners.  Gavin got a little jealous.  He wanted in on the fun, but there just wasn't any room for him in the craft room, so Taryn took some scraps from Jen's hat and created this:

Gavin embraced it's amazingness and wore it proudly. (Thanks, Taryn!)

So, we arrive at the party wearing our hats with awesomeness just radiating from us. We totally had this hat competition in the BAG.  Everyone was going down at that party!  Here we are:
The Ladies

The Men

Upclose of the hats (except for Mat.  He hates pictures and is so amazingly fast at escaping the camera)

So, there you have the Layton-Huntzinger way.  What's the normal way, you may ask?  Well, everyone else came with store bought cone hats and little plastic tiaras.  Turned out, there wasn't a competition (atleast that's what we were told after they saw our amazing-for-sure-to-be-award-winning hats).
Check out the amazing decorations and food!

Aunt Bev, you and your parties ROCK!


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

That looks like a TON of fun. Really creative tradition for New Years. I like it!

Lindsay said...

Wow! Awesome hat! Looks like a great party.

Whitney said...

That look so fun! I love that you all went out for your hats!

Whitney said...

I really need to proof-read before I submit my comments. I sound like an idiot.

DMC Studios said...

You weren't kidding! Those hats are AMAZING! I mean really! How awesome! And that party looked like it rocked! Holy moly I'm taking notes.

Laura said...

You are right, that's the Huntzinger way. It's them saying "hey, I can make one of those!" when everyone else will just go out and buy it. And looking great doing it! So fun!