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Friday, January 22, 2010

This is no good...



(seasons 1-5)


Seriously, not a good idea to decide to watch Lost for the first time ever while you're trying to lose weight. Pretty counterproductive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"But it's still yucky"

When we're at my parent's house, we sometimes watch the Food Network.  I didn't think Gavin ever really watched, but apparently he does.  He saw one of my cooking magazines and on the cover is a delicious looking pasta of sorts.  He demanded I make it and turned to Tim and said, "You be the judge, daddy, and taste it and say, 'hmmmm, there's some cow in it but it's still yucky!"

Monday, January 11, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I haven't really showcased Kade.  I guess I just love Gavin more. Kidding. I'm just a lame picture-taker.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Guess what I just spent $140 on and have no regrets about?





If you guessed "B" then you are the winner (of absolutely nothing)!  While I would LOVE to have me some Viva La Juicy and have already spent well over $140 on that blasted formula and I maybe spent that much on the miracle that is bareMinerals make-up, the truth is, is that I spent $140 on that ridiculously cheap looking sleeping device called a "Nap Nanny".  We were desperate for some sleep and I heard that the Nap Nanny works miracles with babies who suffer from gas, colic, and reflux (which poor Kade has all of the above), so I caved and spent the money.  It seriously should only cost $50 tops, but whatev.  Kade has used it for two days now, and he instantly went from  sleeping 3, maybe 4 hours TOPS at a time at night to sleeping 10 HOURS two nights in a row!!'s a miracle worker.  His naps have also gone from 45 min-1 hour  to 3 or 4 hours.  So, do I regret spending that money? No.  Do I think it's over priced? H**L YES!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

THE Smile...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hoover Dam and Kade

This is the only picture I got of Kade during our Christmas vacation.  Isn't he just so adorable and chubby?  Wait...what?  You can't see him? Hm...weird. (cool bridge, though, huh?)

But don't worry!  I made sure to get face shots of Tim, Gavin, Scott and me!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's the Layton way, and there's the normal way...

d by "the Layton way" I really mean "the Layton-Huntzinger way"  (Tim's mom is a Huntzinger)
**Thank you, Taryn, for letting me steal your pictures, even though I didn't ask**

For New Year's, we went to Gilbert, AZ to spend it with all of Tim's family.  It was SO fun being with all of them again. 

Tim's Aunt Bev hosted a New Year's Eve party (adults only and with a bunch of the Layton relatives).  She informed Tamara (Tim's mommy) that we needed to wear New Year's Eve hats to the day of the party we spent 4 or so hours in Tamara's craft room working on our hats. 

The ladies' hats kept getting bigger and bigger.  We figured it was some kind of competition and we all insisted that we were going to be the winners.  Gavin got a little jealous.  He wanted in on the fun, but there just wasn't any room for him in the craft room, so Taryn took some scraps from Jen's hat and created this:

Gavin embraced it's amazingness and wore it proudly. (Thanks, Taryn!)

So, we arrive at the party wearing our hats with awesomeness just radiating from us. We totally had this hat competition in the BAG.  Everyone was going down at that party!  Here we are:
The Ladies

The Men

Upclose of the hats (except for Mat.  He hates pictures and is so amazingly fast at escaping the camera)

So, there you have the Layton-Huntzinger way.  What's the normal way, you may ask?  Well, everyone else came with store bought cone hats and little plastic tiaras.  Turned out, there wasn't a competition (atleast that's what we were told after they saw our amazing-for-sure-to-be-award-winning hats).
Check out the amazing decorations and food!

Aunt Bev, you and your parties ROCK!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Can I just tell you how crazy hard the past 2 years have been for us financially?  It's been insane and it's been one trial of faith right after another.  It started in Jan. 2008 when Tim got laid off.  We had felt for a while that he needed to get out of software sales and we kept praying about whether he should.  The week he started getting his resume ready was the week he got laid off.  I guess that was the answer to our prayers.  We went without any income for 2 1/2 months. He turned down a couple of offers for more software sales positions because we knew it wasn't right.  He then got an offer for Enterprise-Rent-A-Car.  Their starting pay was $11.33/hour...not even enough to cover JUST our utilities and mortgage.  Everyone in the company started out with that position and pay and they only hired from within.  They also require a bachelors degree.  What a freakin' slap in the face for Tim.  He would be making less than 1/2 what he was making at his old job, yet we felt VERY strongly that this was the job he needed to take, so he did.  He worked 60 hour weeks and got paid dirt. 

After 4 months of working there, he rented a car to a guy that was so impressed with Tim that he got Tim an interview at his financial firm.  In comes Cambridge Financial, Tim's current employer.  We knew that taking this job would require a lot of hard work at the beginning and we would, again, be making pennies but would definitely pay off a lot quicker than Enterprise and it was also the type of job that Tim really wanted to do.  He loooooves money whether it's working with it, spending it, or just holding it. 

By the time he got hired on with Cambridge, our savings had run out.  We then went into debt for the first time.  It totally sucked.  Of course, the debt just accumulated more and more every month, but through help from family and the church, we were able to pay our bills and keep our house. 

At the beginning of 2009, we made a goal to have our debt paid off by the end of the year.  We kept praying and praying about whether I should get a job or if Tim should get another job or atleast be able to find more clients so we could make ends meet.  The answer we kept getting was "have a baby".  Really?  A baby?  Don't they cost money?  We can't even afford the 3 of us!  But, we went ahead and got preggers. 9 months later, a beautiful baby comes, yet we still have no money.  We still weren't able to pay down our debt even a little. Tim had some big cases in the works that were taking a lot longer than we had hoped, but we kept holding out hope that one would pay within the next month. 

For a second year in a row, we weren't able to afford Christmas presents for each other and were only able to get Gavin one toy and a couple things of clothes that he desperetly needed (Thanks family, for making up the rest, and thank goodness he's still too young to realize how scrimpy his parents were). 

On Dec. 31, one of the accounts went through...enough to pay off all our credit card debt and have plenty to spare to hopefully get us to the next pay check...whenever that is (a downside of his job).  On the last day of the year, we were able to become debt free (I don't count the house because we have no desire to pay this off.  We're hopefully moving out of it in the next 3 years or so).  The Lord kept his promise and we were able to reach our goal.  

Thank you, Kade for being our pay day. ;) and Thank you to those who helped us survive.  The anonymous gifts of food and money gave me hope and strength and the desire to get out from under this debt even more quickly so that we could pay it forward.  I'm grateful for this trial of faith and finances.  We needed it and we're still learning from it.  I know that it's probably not over yet, but atleast we have our feet back under us and don't have to worry about feeding our kids for a while.