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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I forgot how hard this newborn stage is!  Why didn't someone remind me!?  Shame on you!  You could have been a little more considerate and given me a nice reminder.  You could have said:

- "Tricia, remember how Gavin just cried and cried and had the most horrible gas and stomach pains and you spent so much time consoling him and spent countless amounts of money trying out different formulas to try to ease the pain?"


- "Tricia, remember how Gavin had all those digestion problems, so therefore you didn't get much sleep at night because he was in so much pain?"


- "Tricia, remember how Gavin was born in the winter and was constantly sick with something ON TOP of the ridiculous digestion problems?"


- "Tricia, remember how much money you spent on copays and Dr. bills because you had to take Gavin into the Dr. basically every week because if it wasn't RSV, Pneumonia, or Croup, it was eye infections that were constantly be misdiagnosed as clogged tear ducts or ridiculous eczema that was called an extremely severe case of baby acne like has never been seen?"

I could go on and on, but seriously...why didn't you remind me?  WHY?  Not that it would have changed my decision to have another baby, but it would have been nice to remember.  I finally have a pediatrician that listens to me and doesn't misdiagnose things...AND I actually get to see him every time I go in as opposed to just seeing the nurse practioner every time.  Kade has been plauged with the same digestion problems as Gavin and I have.  BUT this Dr. gave me some things to try.  One of which is the most expensive formula on the market, but HEY! It works!  Within a day, Kade's constipation, severe gas and stomach pains, and acid reflux magically disappeared.  I'll gladly spend $30 a week on formula just so I have a happy baby.  But of course, the week after we get all that cleared up and right when we thought things were going to be tons better at night, Kade gets some kind of bronchial thing.  So now we're back to being up all night, trying to comfort a baby in pain and distress.  No fun.  Life is great, though, and I know this hard newborn phase will end very shortly.  I'm excited for that day.


Ali said...

I don't think we're supposed to remember. Not childbirth, not the newborn phase, not the toddler phase...
Glad you've got a good doctor this time. Good luck.

mizkylie said...

Is it that wierd Enfamil stuff? The special stuff? I used Nestle Good Start after trying out 7 different formulas and we had her on a drug called Reglan for her acid reflux...aww the joys of motherhood:)

Whitney said...

You know, maybe it won't be so bad for me if I don't get pregnant, so long as I hear stories like this every week. :)

the MuLLinS said...

Oh no! Poor little dude! Kade, get better soon!

Lindsay said...

Poor little guy! And poor you! I'm sorry, that sucks. Thanks for the reminder to try and not have a baby in the winter, if I can. And who's your pediatrician? I'm not a huge fan of mine.

ed and kelli said...

sounds like you have a good dr. and have gotten some solutions, but here is my two cents kids had reflux and digestion/gas problems. I was told to try gripe water.. never did but heard it did wonders (we couldn't find it here in "mexico" where i live). then when we started her on formula she responded best to the enfamil A.R. lipil brand (think it's a redish bottle) and yeah it was super expensive but go to and they send you awesome coupons for it so i really only had to pay for like two cans! anyway, the number one help with my daughter.. was a little extreme but WELL worth the money (esp if you want another kid in the future after this one) it was all how she slept that made her feel better. We bought a nap nanny ( it is designed for kids with reflux, gas, ear infections, etc. i didn't get this till she was almost 3 months an boy do i wish i had it early. no joke, INSTANTLY she slept through the night in it, hardly ever cried for gas, spit up less and hasn't ever gotten an ear infection. she slept in it till she was 6 or 7 months! anyway, just my two cents.

Tricia L said...

Lindsay, my pedetrician is Dr. Duffy at Southridge Pediatrics. It's located in the new Riverton Hospital. He's the head of neo-natal there and before he came to the Riverton hospital, he was head of the neo-natal facility at LDS. He's AWESOME!

Kelli-we're using the Similac Alimentum formula. It's for babies with milk protein allergies. The Enfamil version is Nutramigen. We tried gripe water with Gavin and we had no luck. We tried about3 or 4 different kinds too. Iwish I had known about this formula then. I've heard of the nap nannie and have been tempted to get it. We'll see how he does once he's not sick anymore. It's still a possibility that we'll get it.

Charlotte said...

If we remembered how bad pregnancy was and how exhausting babies were- we'd miss out on all the fun of kids Gavin's age! Wish I had some great advice, but having suffered through it as well, seems like you just get a little help here and there and finally they just grow out of it!