Scripture Case Pattern

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am LOVING...

My new wheat grinder

My new used Ford Explorer with a third row, leather seats, and get has a working heater!!!  That's probably my favorite feature.  We've spent too many winters without a heater.  It's so nice to have a second vehicle again and one that keeps the frost off the inside of the windows.

My cheeseball of a son.

And of course, this little guy.  Even though he'd rather cry than open his presents, he's still a cutie!  (Good thing big brother was more than willing to open his presents for him)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I thought I was progressing. Guess not.

Yesterday, Gavin says, "Mom! You're going to have another baby!?"  I said, "No, why do you think that?"  Gavin replies, "Because your belly goes like this (he then pushes his belly out)."  :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This picture needs only one word

Enough said.

Merry Christmas!!

Picture of Kade and card created by DMC Photography
Picture of Gavin by Cody Buell Photography

Monday, December 21, 2009

What do you get...

when you mix The Book of Mormon with Harry Potter?

"andjerusalem" becomes the new killing curse.  I promise!  Ask Gavin.

Tim was reading the scriptures to Gavin the other day, and after they read, they watched Harry Potter.  At the end of Harry Potter, Gavin went around waving a stick yelling, "ANDJERUSALEM!".  We asked him what that meant, and he said "it makes you so dead like Dumbledore."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A touch of Gavin

Monday, December 14, 2009

Working Out

I was given the "o.k." to start working out last Monday, so I hit up the gym.  I can do the elliptical for forever, no problems.  But I get on that treadmill and after 5 minutes of walking, I feel like my stitches are about to pop.  It's ridiculous and a little discouraging.  I even tried yoga, but doing those lunges makes it feel like my lady parts are about to rip apart.  I can feel the strain on my stitches and then I come home waddling. So, it's looks like I'm stuck to the elliptical for a few more weeks.  It feels great to workout again.  It's been 9 months and I sure can feel it, but it's a great feeling knowing that I'm doing something good for my body.  Hopefully I can lose the rest of my weight quickly.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing keeps HIM down!

Saturday we went to Tim's work Christmas party.  It consisted of bowling and watching Gavin get a beating by the world.

Gavin's first time bowling started off well.  He found his ball, pushed it down the lane...

Watched it roll down...2 minutes later it made it.  SUCCESS!

THEN...on his second attempt, he decided he wanted to run after the ball down the lane.  Feet went flying and his bottom and head came away with some bruises.

To help make things better, Tim took him to see Santa. This was his first time getting to sit on Santa's lap (yeah, we suck as parents. You don't have to tell us) and it cheered him right up!  He completely forgot about the earlier fiasco.
After Santa, Gavin was ready to get back to bowling.  Tim was up first.  He picks up his ball and as he was bringing his the ball down, Gavin's mouth walked right into it.  Teeth went into lip and blood started streaming out.  His face and hands were covered, my hands were covered, and Kade's burp cloth was covered in blood.  After 10 minutes of consoling, Gavin was ready to go play on the arcade machines.  He was pretending to play on a driving one and three little girls decided they wanted to play on that too, so they started to climb on top of him and push and hit him. Our friend, Whitney, saw this happen and went and saved Gavin and scolded the other kids.  Gavin was in tears.  I asked what happened, and after he told me that some kids were hitting and pushing him, I asked him why he didn't do anything.  He told me he couldn't hit or push girls.  I love my boy.  He's such a gentleman.

Last night, we went to The Roof for part of my mom's birthday celebration (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!).  As we're walking to be seated, Gavin wasn't paying attention and walked right into the corner of a chair.  He got a big bump and bruise on his head.  But he didn't let that ruin is appetite (an appetite that is usually non existent, but decided to surface at a restaraunt that charges $16 for a kids plate!!!) and asked for some chicken, rice and a cupcake.

Here's the fam, minus Matt.  He got a lame ticket for a cracked tail light and windshield and decided he was fedup with the day, so he went home.

Gavin loves to help out with Kade.  This morning he wanted to hold him while I made Kade a bottle.  Here he is trying to calm Kade.  He then wanted to feed him.
Kade feels goooood.

Happy Brithday, mom-mom

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I forgot how hard this newborn stage is!  Why didn't someone remind me!?  Shame on you!  You could have been a little more considerate and given me a nice reminder.  You could have said:

- "Tricia, remember how Gavin just cried and cried and had the most horrible gas and stomach pains and you spent so much time consoling him and spent countless amounts of money trying out different formulas to try to ease the pain?"


- "Tricia, remember how Gavin had all those digestion problems, so therefore you didn't get much sleep at night because he was in so much pain?"


- "Tricia, remember how Gavin was born in the winter and was constantly sick with something ON TOP of the ridiculous digestion problems?"


- "Tricia, remember how much money you spent on copays and Dr. bills because you had to take Gavin into the Dr. basically every week because if it wasn't RSV, Pneumonia, or Croup, it was eye infections that were constantly be misdiagnosed as clogged tear ducts or ridiculous eczema that was called an extremely severe case of baby acne like has never been seen?"

I could go on and on, but seriously...why didn't you remind me?  WHY?  Not that it would have changed my decision to have another baby, but it would have been nice to remember.  I finally have a pediatrician that listens to me and doesn't misdiagnose things...AND I actually get to see him every time I go in as opposed to just seeing the nurse practioner every time.  Kade has been plauged with the same digestion problems as Gavin and I have.  BUT this Dr. gave me some things to try.  One of which is the most expensive formula on the market, but HEY! It works!  Within a day, Kade's constipation, severe gas and stomach pains, and acid reflux magically disappeared.  I'll gladly spend $30 a week on formula just so I have a happy baby.  But of course, the week after we get all that cleared up and right when we thought things were going to be tons better at night, Kade gets some kind of bronchial thing.  So now we're back to being up all night, trying to comfort a baby in pain and distress.  No fun.  Life is great, though, and I know this hard newborn phase will end very shortly.  I'm excited for that day.