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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Kade Pics

The delivery was SO easy, I was up for a picture or two taken of me! This is seriously like 5 minutes after giving different from my experience with Gavin.
Kade in his take-home outfit
Gavin is super cute with Kade!
One morning he came into my room and told me that Kade wanted to watch a movie with him. Here they are watching "Transformers". Gavin at one point leaned down and told Kade, "That's Optimus Prime. He's me favorite. And that's Bumble Bee, he's my other favorite."

We have another jaundice baby. Gavin had to be on lights too. I hate this! I feel like those precious newborn days are being taken away from me. I can't hold him except to feed him or change his diaper and then he has to go right back on the


tamir said...

glad it went really well! you look great after giving birth! i had eyeliner smudged around my eyes. no one told me!

hope Kade gets off the lights fast! aspen was on it 10 days i think. I know it's awful and stressful!

Anita said...

my deliveries were night and day like that too. CONGRATS Tricia. He is adorable. Cant wait to see him. He is beautiful!

mizkylie said...

He is absolutely beautiful!!

Ali said...

Congrats! He is so cute and I'm so glad to hear Gavin loves him.
You look fabulous after giving birth!

Jenny said...

Oh he is just so cute! I love the story with him and Gavin, he is such a good brother. You look great!

Lindsay said...

Both your boys are so dang cute. I LOVE the Transformers line - Gavin is adorable! What a good big brother, introducing him to the finer things in life! I hope the jaundice gets better fast! And I hope you're adjusting well! You looked AMAZING five minutes after giving birth - what the heck? Go Tricia!

Whitney said...

He is so cute! Hooray!