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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm SO over Halloween

***UPDATE: The picture of Gavin with his pumpkin doesn't show his vampire teeth, but I will take a picture ASAP of those fangs of his and post it...Sorry!***

Geez! What a week! I'm SO glad it's over with. I won't get into details or I'll just start complaining. I will tell you that it was so exhausting that I honestly thought that I was going to go into labor Thursday night during the Halloween party. The contractions were super hard and somewhat painful and 2 minutes apart. Luckily I didn't because Tim was out of town and I wanted him there for the birth. I slept and rested all day Friday to get the contractions to slow down and was successful.

Gavin enjoyed the snow we got earlier in the week. I love the winter. I'm excited for more snowy days!
Gavin wanted to be a pirate for Halloween because Bub was being one. My mom and I got him all dressed up, hurried and took a picture and about 45 seconds later, the costume was off. He HATED it! He just wanted his sword and that was it. What a lame pirate. (By the way, my mom is da BOMB! Thanks for helping me with the party. I probably would have had the baby that night if you weren't there to help! Sorry about your injuries, though... )
We asked Gavin what face he wanted on his pumpkin and he said "this face" and then pulled the following face. So that's what we did. Some of you may have noticed that Gavin has fangs for teeth (seriously... real life vampire right here) so we incorporated those teeth into the pumpkin.
We went trick-or-treating again with Tyler and Charlotte's kids. Gavin didn't want to wear any of his mustaches, so Tyler and Tim wore them. Sick.

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Whitney said...

Sorry we didn't make it to the party. Tyson had class and I didn't want to go by myself (but if I would have known that you were there by yourself, then I would have gone!).
P.S. Please don't go into labor before Wednesday, because we are going to meet the PW!!!