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Sunday, October 25, 2009

In my defense

I have been asked and then attacked on several occasions on my decision on whether I'm going to get the H1N1 vaccine. To me, this whole vaccination thing is just as personal of a decision as my stance on politics is. I hate discussing politics and hate discussing my views on the medical world. It's very personal to me. I don't judge other people on whether or not they've decided to get the vaccine, so why do people feel like they need to judge me on my choice? I have decided that Gavin and I are not getting the vaccine (I have told Tim that he can do whatever he feels he needs to do). I have been told that I am not being a good parent to my unborn baby, but I honestly believe that my choice to not get it is what's best for me and the baby. I have done a lot of thinking and as silly as this sounds, I've prayed a lot about it. I know that this flu is a lot worse for pregnant women and babies and it scares me. What also scares me is the fact that this vaccine has hardly been tested and long term side effects are not even known. For ME (so that includes the fetus too) I feel very strongly that it is better for me to go without the vaccine. Who knows...maybe me or the baby will react to the vaccine differently than the majority of the population and that's why the answers to my prayers are telling me "no". I don't know what the Lord knows, but I do know he knows what is best for me and the baby. For those who feel like they should get it...GOOD!! Go get it! Do what you feel is best concerning you and your family. I do not look down on those who got the vaccine or who are getting it. All I know is what pertains to my family and me. I also understand the risks of not getting the vaccine too, especially with having a newborn during the winter. We are setting up A LOT of extra, maybe ridiculous, precautions in our house and for those visiting. Because we are taking the risk of not getting vaccinated, we realize it's our duty as parents to then go above and beyond to protect our children. Please understand that we have thought about this long and hard. Please respect our decision, don't judge, and PLEASE do not call me a bad mom for not taking care of my unborn child. And that is all I ever want to say on the subject again.
P.S. Tim had an epiphany the other day. When he was down in the basement, he looked under the stairs where all the baby stuff is and remembered thinking "we are never going to find these clothes here", so he went digging through the stuff and in the farthest back corner, underneath all kinds of baby toys and stuff, he found the box of newborn clothes!! YAY!!


Nat said...

Can I just say, I completely understand. I HATE discussing medical decisions. It is no one's business but your own. Good on you for sticking to your guns. Hope all is well- I LOVE the darling quilt you made for G, I'm going to have to get a copy of the pattern for myself. Nat (Jessica's friend that you met in DC)

tamir said...

Good for you for making a decision you are comfortable with. are so far along in your pregnancy. You are almost due. If you do get the h1n1 now...most likely you'll be totally fine...besides being sick for a little bit. I've chosen not to get it either for similar reasons. Good luck the rest of your pregnancy and after!

mizkylie said...

GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!! You stand up for what you feel is right! Don't let anyone else make you feel incompetant as a parent! YOu are a wonderful mommy!

Ali said...

You're not a bad mom. I too agree it's as personal as politics. It's unfortunate the media has sent everyone into hysteria over a flu. Supposedly everyone around us has had it, yet no one has actually been tested for it. Sure everyone's getting the flu, even us, maybe the swine flu, maybe not. I know lots of doctors that are rolling their eyes at this whole thing.
I think I'm going to get a bumper sticker that says "I MAYBE had the swine flu and survived, did you MAYBE have it too?" ;)
Good luck with your baby and your health.
BTW - my neighbor got the flu shot and the Swine flu shot and she (without testing) was diagnosed with the swine flu as well which only kept her home from school a couple of days.

Now everyone can call me a mean lady AND a bad mom. :)