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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Your Entertainment

Ok, peeps...I'm going to share some guilty blogosphere pleasures of mine and hopefully they'll become some of yours too so we can all feel guilty together. I hate being alone in my guilt.

*First up... Confessions of a Mormon Bachelor Pad Full of wonderful drama to fill my mundane life with. Now this blog is my biggest guilty pleasure, the rest are just fun reads that I have no need to feel embarrassed about.

* Busy Bee Lauren She's so cute and makes me realize I need to go out and enjoy life a little more. Her Vampire Diaries recaps, Pocket Edward adventures, and her sarcasm are my favorites. Unfortunately, she's been having some lame commenters bashing her husband and mom, so she no longer allows people to comment. That was half the fun...reading comments from her witty followers.

* Improv Everywhere... wow, I love this site. These people are geniuses! They're a group of people in NY that do harmless pranks to the uptight city of NY. If you click on "missions" at the top of their page, it will pull up a list of all the pranks they've done and you can watch them. You may have heard of the now traditional prank that is sweeping the nation of people riding the subway or some other type of public transportation system without pants on. Improv Everywhere started it. Go spend countless hours'll love it.

* Color Me Katie... She's part of the Improv Everywhere group, but her site is more about her crazy cute ideas on how she can make the city and her home a little happier. She's so creative and fun. You can't help but smile at her stuff.

Now go enjoy!


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Hey Tricia. I saw your blog through Jen Arthur's and thought I'd say hello.
Also, I love these blogs you posted about. Lately I've it's been pretty slow at work and so these are perfect to keep me entertained. Thanks!
P.S. How did you find blogs like this?

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Wait a second:

"...the rest are just fun reads that I have no need to feel embarrassed about."

What exactly are you trying to say? I'm hurt. Genuinely hurt.