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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finished Bedspread and NEW room!!

It's done!! YAY! AND I got the binding done today. I thought it would take me forever, but it only took a couple of hours! SWEET! Here's Gavin's new bed. We re-stained the bed a couple of weeks again.
Here's an up close of the quilt so you can see the quilting design on it.

Gavin kept telling us he was "a little bit tired" and would run to his new room and hop in the bed. This went on ALL day and up until he went to bed for real.
The new chest-of-drawers and book shelf. Gavin was SO excited to put his books on this shelf.
A view from the door way. Since this picture was taken, we got the drapes up. There's a toy box thingy behind his easel that you can't really see. Again, he just couldn't wait to load it up with all of his toys.
I'm glad he's adapted so well to his new room. Hopefully he stays excited about it.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

What a grown up kid you have now!! Adorable. The pillow and bedspread are awesome, I'm very impressed. Love the colors too. Hope you guys are doing well! I hope Cashew is a little and healthy guy so you can heal fast and we can see you at Christmas/New Year's!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

PS- I think his name should remain Cashew.

Charlotte said...

Looks great!

Jenny said...

The room turned out super cute! I love the bed and the cute pillow with Gavin's name.

Jenifer said...

It's a cute room! We are glad that Gavin realizes the bedspread is super special and it's okay if it stays on the bed. :) Wat to go!!!

Gary and Renee said...

Beautiful! You are waaaaay talented. Please don't ever say you aren't again!