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Monday, October 12, 2009's off

to the quilter's. I'll pick up the quilted bedspread this Saturday and then all I have to do is the binding (the longest, most tedious part of the whole's all hand sewn...blah). I'm so excited to get this done for my Gavin. We got all the furniture for his NEW room and assembled it. Now we just need to move all the other furniture out of that room.
We grew a little pumpking patch in my mom's backyard this year. On Saturday, we went and picked out our pumpkins. I'll just let you look at my mom's post of it. Al of the pictures are on her camera:


Anita said...

tricia your belly is so cute.

Lindsay said...

So cute! I loved the pumpkin patch pictures. Very fun. One more month to go! You look AMAZING by the way, what's all this crap about you being huge? Bologna. Pretty sure I gained over 50 pounds with my pregnancy if that makes you feel better. But wow, you look fabulous.