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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of UPDATES!!

Today, Gavin got to pick his very first tomato off of the tomato plant he picked out and planted months ago!! He was SO excited!

Yesterday, we sold the Golf... It's bittersweet. We thought that all that had to be done to the car to get it ready for Safety and Emissions was to replace ALL the tires, the windshield and get a new headlight. So we did that, took the car in and found out that one of the CV joints was bad, a ball joint was bad and it needed a new catalytic converter. We replaced the CV and ball joint and then found that not only were those bad, but the transmission is bad too. At that point we figured it was better to just sell the car as is instead of putting $2000+ into fixing everything. So we did. Bye, Golf!
A couple weeks ago, Tim's parents were back in town and Tammy finished my chairs. We got some industrial strength tacks this time (well, anything compared to the other tacks are industrial strength) and it worked like a charm. We have 2 of each chair in the 2 upholsteries. We love it.

Please excuse my fatness. I seem to gain copious amounts of weight when I'm pregnant. It's very depressing. But look at how cute my boys are!! I'm so excited to add another one to the family!

On a different note, some of you may remember that when Gavin was born, he had a HUGE head. It was a beautiful, round head, but it was huge...97%tile...yeah, HUGE! I pushed for three hours, and when he came out it all made sense why it took so long. His head didn't go cone shaped like normal babies, it stayed perfectly round and huge. Well, when I got my ultrasound done, they took measurements of everything. A month ago, this baby's head measurement was a little over 2 weeks ahead of the rest of his measurements...awesome. And it will probably only get bigger from there.


mizkylie said...

LOVE the pics!! and p.s.... I am fatter than you. AND NOT PREGGO!:)

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Bye bye silver bullet :( Sad day. I had a lot of good memories in that car. The chairs look awesome, I love them!

the MuLLinS said...

Haha, big head baby. Good luck with that one! Thatcher's head was always in the 97th percentile too but he was a cone head when he was born. And, I'd like to talk about you looking SO cute and NOT fat and I love that family picture!! You guys are the cutest. I think I'll print it and hang it in my home and say that it's us, because I wish we were so cute :) AND. I love the chairs! Way to go!

Lindsay said...

I love Gavin's face with his tomatoes - so cute. And those chairs are awesome! I want some! They really are beautiful. Nice work. And don't worry...big head = big brain. You'll have smart kids for sure.

Jessica said...

I love Gavin and the tomatoes...and the family picture is cute! And to think, I was worried about my baby's head when it measured 5 days ahead--2 weeks?? At least you already know you have cute kids :)

Anita said...

Tricia, You look great! and I am loving the long hair on you.:)
I am also LOVING your chairs, they look fantastic. and ya for big heads, means bigger brain, right??? (wink, wink)

Whitney said...

I love the pictures of Gavin with his tomato! I got to pick my first ones this week... and now the rest that are still growing (there are a TON because it's a cherry tomato plant) are going to die while we are in Disneyland. Bummer. :(