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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extreme Croquet

For date night, Tim and I (we decided to bring Gavin along too, but there aren't any pics of him) went up Provo Canyon with Tim's brother Scott and his wife, Trisha, to play some extreme croquet. Trisha and I left it to the boys to set up the course. I don't think they could have made it any more extreme. We played in forest, over a bridge, around dog poo, next to a creek and I swear the whole course was a mile long so it took us 2 hours to complete it. We all ended up having to cheat to finish the game because it was almost 9 at night and some of us couldn't see our balls (mine, being one of them...I had a black one). I keep forgetting to bring my camera, so these pictures are from my phone and are very grainy. Sorry.
Having to play in the bushes and trees adds a level of skill to the game. Tim's a master and Scott gets so excited to see Tim's master skills. Look at his face...SO excited.
This will probably be the only picture you will ever see of my belly this pregnancy. I am a very large pregnant girl and am extremely self conscience of so self conscience that it's like pulling teeth to get me out in public. I carry my babies far out and I gain copious amounts of weight. All I ask, is that you pray with me that I can lose all this weight afterwards. Thank you.
That poo was right in my way of the hoop thing. This was before I had traded Gavin his black ball for my red ball. He kept throwing his ball around and when it got dark, we kept losing it because his ball was black, so I finally traded him.
Tim helped block the balls from going into the water when we had to make the bridge shot. Naturally, of course, I am a master of sneakiness and was able to get around Tim and hit my ball into the creek. Tim jumped in after it and saved my ball! Trisha hit her ball over the bridge so hard, that it went flying down the other side, right into a foresty area and we spent a lot of time searching for it. Luckily we didn't lose a single piece of the game.


Ali said...

What a riot! That sounds like an awesome date night. Hmmm, I might have to copy it although knowing my cousins I'm sure it wouldn't come close to as extreme.

P.S. You're an adorable pregnant woman. I don't know what your pregnant friends look like but mine would be jealous!

Brady said...

OMG!!! IMISS EXTREME CROQUET!!! When can I come play? (this is really ane by the way)

Lindsay said...

That kinda made me think of the time you taught me how to pee in the wilderness - good times! And oh my goodness, you look AMAZING! I felt the same when I was pregnant though, and I gained WAY more weight than the "recommended" amount. Bologna. But seriously, you look fabulous!

Anita said...

ahhhh, I LOVE your cute little belly!