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Monday, May 11, 2009

Questions for ya'll

Ok, so I've got a few questions for everyone.

First off, anyone have a Nap Nanny or have ever heard of it? Do you like it? What have you heard? Is it worth the $130?

Anyone know where to get a cute maternity swimsuit? And how about just cute maternity clothes? I'm a terrible clothes shopper. I never know where to go to get cute clothes, so all you mommies out there, PLEASE help me out!

Ok, honestly, if you had a baby that looked like any of these: What would you do? What would you think? What if your friend had a baby like any of those? What if I *gasp* had a baby that looked like those? Oh gosh, I seriously am terrified that I might have a hideous baby. We really lucked out with Gavin, and I just know that we can't possibly have two kids in a row that are beautiful. It's just down hill from here.


Whitney said...

Um, I just got a new swimsuit and I love it. It's not maternity, but it is long enough that it could be. It's from Shade Clothing. It's the Venice Beach one (I have the white and periwinkle one). Seriously... it's long enough to work. And then you can wear it when you aren't pregnant! :)

Chunk N ME said...

I would take the 44 pound baby over the 10 oz baby ANYDAY!!! (Being both my boys were 22 pounds at 6 months anyways. It wouldn't be anything unusual. . .ok maybe, if he was pushing ME in the stroller and all)
PS I would try shade for maternity swimsuit and I got some maternity clothes at Old Navy (ON SALE of course) They're comfy and when on sale, affordable.

mizkylie said...

Your baby will be adorable! I think its every mother's worst fear though. I got some cute maternity clothes at Target and Motherhood. There are also some at Kid2Kid.....Never heard of a Nappy Nap, but get yourself a bumbo seat for sure:)

the MuLLinS said...

Okay first of all I seriously almost just barfed looking at those {poor, sweet, bless their heart} babies.

Second of all I'm laughing because I have that same fear that I'll never be able to make as beautiful a baby as my no.1! I mean, he took all the cuteness out of me, surely there's nothing left. What a sad child to be so ugly next to my beautiful boy.

I've never heard of Nap Nanny but I wish they made one for adults, and I so remember going maternity swim suit shopping in Baltimore with you!! And my fave maternity clothes are Motherhood Maternity for the most part. I think their stuff is super cute and for the most part affordable!

the MuLLinS said...

Oh! And are you feeling better yet? 1st trimester down!!!

The Crandizzles said...

Well, that nap nanny looks like a waste of money to me. Just get a swing. and I got my maternity swimsuits from Motherhood Maternity. They have some cute stuff. But I mostly got all my clothes from Stacy and Target. And how did you find that website? That frog baby freaked me out!!! I had a friend who delivered at 23 weeks, scary stuff!


SO I TOTALLY agree that nap thing looks great but $130!? I'm way too cheap I agree the swing is a much better way to go. You should check out Havari swimwear they are in American Fork and they have stuff online too but I have heard many prego moms say they are heaven sent! As for CUTE maternity stuff I swear it doesn't exist!! I just ordered shirts from down east and it's ALL about the accessories while your prego!!

Those babies make me sick but I know how you feel I feel like this one is going to come out and be hideous! I just hope I'm not one of those parents that think my kids are adorable when they are really ugly..ya know? HAHAHa.. you are past 12 weeks hopefully you are feeling better!