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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lots and Lots

Ok, so I'll be upfront with you all...when it comes to taking pictures to document the things we do, Tim and I are the WORST! We went to San Francisco, well, really to Oakland. this past week to visit Tim's Uncle Brad, Kendal and their little girl Izzy. Tim had some business stuff to go over with Brad so Gavin and I came along for the ride. We didn't do anything in the city, we stayed mostly in the Oakland area and did a bunch of stuff with the kids. Kendal had season passes to the Oakland Zoo and the San Fran Aquarium, so we were able to go to those for free. (Thanks, Kendal!). Brad was in Indonesia for work most of the time. He got in Saturday morning (we were there from Tuesday til Monday). We went and picked him up and then went straight for the beach. I didn't take any pictures of that. :( I fell asleep under what I thought was the umbrella shade, but I guess the sun moves or something (who knew!) and so the shade moved and then I got fried to a crisp (thank you pregnancy for making my once impenetrable skin now super sensitive!) I did, though, take pictures of the sea shells and sea urchins Gavin collected in his treasure box he made with Izzy. Go me! And I also got pictures of our Zoo trip (that happend on the first day we were there) and my picture taking ends there. Lame, I know.

Here are Gavin and Izzy at the zoo walking on the lilly pads.
They got to pet and brush some pigmy goats...SO CUTE!
Gavin HATED the Ferris Wheel. He didn't want to sit on any of the animals, so he lamely sat on my lap.
After the Ferris Wheel, they rode on some cars.
Gavin wanted the "race car". After this ride is when he fell apart. He was SO tired and wanted to ride in that car again and again but the zoo was closing so we had to go home. He screamed the entire way home.
When we got home, he fell asleep like this:
And then got hot, so he lifted his head out of Tim's arm and kept on sleeping.
Here's Gavin's lovely treasure box. Prior to the beach it was filled with his favorite toys that he found in Izzy's play room.

We also went to a really cool park where Gavin got to take a ride on a little steam train. There was also a petting zoo where the kids got to feed and pet a bunch of animals. We saw some wild Turkeys roaming around the place too. The Aquarium was awesome! They had an albino alligator there. It was CRAZY looking! After the aquarium we headed home.
A couple weeks ago, Gavin asked me to take some "smiles" (aka pictures) of him. I told him to pull an ugly face and this is what I got:

And then I got one of the usual eye roll pictures.
I have a couple big containers for tomato plants at my house, so that I can always have fresh tomatoes available (even though I'll have a whole garden's worth at my mom's house). So, today I planted some tomatoes. One of the pots has just a regular type of tomato called "Celebrity" and the other one has a grape tomato called "Juliet".
Gavin wanted his own plant, so my mom let him pick out the one he wanted. He looked through the 20 or so plants my mom has and chose the one in the green cup. This variety of tomato grows really BIG tomatoes...haha. We only have this little bucket to plant it in, but Gavin's happy with it.


Whitney said...

I've got to get my pots planted! Thanks for reminding me!

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures! Gavin is adorable. I hope you had a great trip! I need to hire you to plant tomatoes for me too! I tried last year and failed miserably. I wish I had a green thumb!

DMC Studios said...

Looked like fun! I'm still laughing at how he fell asleep. When kids are tired they can really sleep anywhere and in any position. haha

Trevor, Caci, and Jace said...

I have been off the blogosphere for awhile so I haven't seen pics of Gavin in forever, and holy cow he is SOOOO big now!!!! He honestly might be the handsomest little boy I have ever seen-- what a little stud!