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Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Good Thing

Lately, Gavin has been having a really hard time with me being sick all of the time. I haven't been able to give him the kind of attention that I used to, so Gavin has lashed out with tantrums left and right. He has suddenly "forgotten" how to do everything, like feed himself, walk anywhere, pick up anything, etc. He wants me to carry him all of the time, feed him (if I don't, he doesn't eat anything), walk 5 feet across the room to pick up his blanket, etc. I haven't been giving in, so of course he throws a tantrum and he can go on for hours. We tried potty training him a while ago and he did awesome if we remembered to take him every hour, otherwise, he wouldn't bother to go in the toilet. After a few weeks, we decided to back off and let him decide when he was ready. This past week, in a desperate attempt for attention, he decided he wanted to be potty trained. He knew that we would drop whatever we were doing if he told us he needed to go potty, and it worked. This is basically the only thing I'll give in to, and he figured it out! I haven't had to change his diaper in 5 days now! Well, except when he has a bowl movement, but that's do to his traumatic bowl problems he's had for the past 2 years, so I forgive him for that. So, I guess I'm glad that atleast one good thing has come from this. My child has potty trained himself. Haha! Sucker! We tricked him!

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mizkylie said...

It took my kids forever to potty train. They are both stubborn, so they decided when they wanted to go. At least those days are over for me. Isn't it a HUGE relief??? Congrats!