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Monday, April 27, 2009


First off, sorry, but Tim and I didn't take any pictures to document the day...we suck like that. But don't worry, I look EXACTLY the same, but maybe a little pudgier, so maybe it's best we didn't take pictures. On Saturday I was needing french fries like it was a life or death situation, so Tim took me to my favorite burger joint that has bottomless fries, RED ROBIN! He had our long time friends, Cody and Courtney, surprise me there, but Gavin ruined it. He spotted Courtney in the parking lot as we pulled up and started yelling, "It's Courtney! It's Courtney! I wanna go see Courtney!" No amount of hiding their faces could stop that kid from spotting them. I ate tons of fries and took my uneaten burger home for was delicious! Tim knows how much I love having Girl Night, or maybe it's more like just having Girl Night with Courtney, so him and Cody left us at my house for a few hours so we could talk Girl stuff and be as disgusting and dirty as we'd like and spare them the awkwardness. Sunday was my real birthday, I'm thinking that Sunday birthday's are kinda better because you two days of celebrating! One day you do all the stuff you can't do on Sunday and then on Sunday you celebrate again but at home! Perfect! Unfortunately, my morning sickness was in full swing on Sunday, so I layed in bed ALL day, but I was ok with that, because Timmy got me Hunger Games for my birthday, so I read that all day and finished it and absolutely loved it. My parents made me Thanksgiving Dinner (my favorite dinner and tradition they've been doing since 1998. The story behind that is in 1997 we were getting ready to move to Texas and the orthodontist wanted to get my braces off before we left, so he did about 6 months of work in 2 months. He cranked my braces up the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. My mouth hurt so badly that all I could eat was soup on both Holidays. Knowing that Thanksgiving dinner was my favorite, my parents decided to make it for me on my birthday to make up for it and it has stuck every birthday since. The End.). Of course the food was delicious and so was the butterfinger icecream cake. Yum. That is all. I had a nice, relaxing birthday, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Timmy! Love you!


tamir said...

I didn't know they did bottomless fries. Aden's been wanting to go to red robin...and now I can let us go.

And thanksgiving dinner IS the best. I'm jealous. I want some too.

mizkylie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I LOVE Red Robin, their fries are the best!! Call me stranger!:)

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good one! (Besides the sickness of course.) Fun fun!