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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Can anyone suggest a good book to me? Something with adventure and maybe a little love story or not, but it has to be exciting. I'm not a history or autobiography fan, but occasionally I do come across one of those that I really like, like The Glass Castle, Eat Pray Love, and Night.

Monday, April 27, 2009


For the past 2 years, I have been super envious of my mom's set of measuring spoons and cups. The sets include every size you could possibly need. They're amazing! So, for my birthday, my awesome mom got me a set of each! I'm an easy person to please and was absolutely ecstatic to get them!
RSVP Endurance Set of 7 Measuring Cups
Cuisipro Set of 9 measuring spoons

My parents also got me this super cute cupcake book. I love it!

Tim got me this amazing book. He figured since I'm stuck in bed all of the time and I love to read and have run out of things to read at the house, he'd get me something to last me a week or so, only lasted a day, but I don't mind reading it again! I can't wait for the sequal to come out on September 1! He also knew how much in need I am of chapstick and how I've used up every single one of my tubes in the past month, so he got me some more of my fav chapstick... Burt's Bees Replenshing Balm with Pomegranate. My lips have been really chapped from the pregnancy and they've been splitting and I seriously finished up 7 tubes of chapstick that I had lying around the house and have been dying for new stuff! I told you, I'm an easy person to please...get me a book and chapstick and some sweet measuring utensils and I'm set. Cody and Courtney also got me a gift card and some gorgeous earings. Thanks, guys!


First off, sorry, but Tim and I didn't take any pictures to document the day...we suck like that. But don't worry, I look EXACTLY the same, but maybe a little pudgier, so maybe it's best we didn't take pictures. On Saturday I was needing french fries like it was a life or death situation, so Tim took me to my favorite burger joint that has bottomless fries, RED ROBIN! He had our long time friends, Cody and Courtney, surprise me there, but Gavin ruined it. He spotted Courtney in the parking lot as we pulled up and started yelling, "It's Courtney! It's Courtney! I wanna go see Courtney!" No amount of hiding their faces could stop that kid from spotting them. I ate tons of fries and took my uneaten burger home for was delicious! Tim knows how much I love having Girl Night, or maybe it's more like just having Girl Night with Courtney, so him and Cody left us at my house for a few hours so we could talk Girl stuff and be as disgusting and dirty as we'd like and spare them the awkwardness. Sunday was my real birthday, I'm thinking that Sunday birthday's are kinda better because you two days of celebrating! One day you do all the stuff you can't do on Sunday and then on Sunday you celebrate again but at home! Perfect! Unfortunately, my morning sickness was in full swing on Sunday, so I layed in bed ALL day, but I was ok with that, because Timmy got me Hunger Games for my birthday, so I read that all day and finished it and absolutely loved it. My parents made me Thanksgiving Dinner (my favorite dinner and tradition they've been doing since 1998. The story behind that is in 1997 we were getting ready to move to Texas and the orthodontist wanted to get my braces off before we left, so he did about 6 months of work in 2 months. He cranked my braces up the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. My mouth hurt so badly that all I could eat was soup on both Holidays. Knowing that Thanksgiving dinner was my favorite, my parents decided to make it for me on my birthday to make up for it and it has stuck every birthday since. The End.). Of course the food was delicious and so was the butterfinger icecream cake. Yum. That is all. I had a nice, relaxing birthday, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Timmy! Love you!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Good Thing

Lately, Gavin has been having a really hard time with me being sick all of the time. I haven't been able to give him the kind of attention that I used to, so Gavin has lashed out with tantrums left and right. He has suddenly "forgotten" how to do everything, like feed himself, walk anywhere, pick up anything, etc. He wants me to carry him all of the time, feed him (if I don't, he doesn't eat anything), walk 5 feet across the room to pick up his blanket, etc. I haven't been giving in, so of course he throws a tantrum and he can go on for hours. We tried potty training him a while ago and he did awesome if we remembered to take him every hour, otherwise, he wouldn't bother to go in the toilet. After a few weeks, we decided to back off and let him decide when he was ready. This past week, in a desperate attempt for attention, he decided he wanted to be potty trained. He knew that we would drop whatever we were doing if he told us he needed to go potty, and it worked. This is basically the only thing I'll give in to, and he figured it out! I haven't had to change his diaper in 5 days now! Well, except when he has a bowl movement, but that's do to his traumatic bowl problems he's had for the past 2 years, so I forgive him for that. So, I guess I'm glad that atleast one good thing has come from this. My child has potty trained himself. Haha! Sucker! We tricked him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I feel and look fat. I hate being lazy. I'm sick of my bed. My child feels like he always needs to throw up now. Gavin has somehow forgotten how to be independent and has reverted back to being a 4 month old. My house is a mess. Some nights I just want to scream and cry from the nausea. Other nights I do. Tim is my slave and hates it. I hate it too. I think I may be done with child bearing after this one. I HATE PREGNANCY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


You've probably already seen this, I'm always a little behind on things, but this lady was AMAZING! Her name is Susan Boyle, she's 47, never been on a date and never been kissed. She just audtioned for Britains Got Talent and did a phenomenal job. I can't embed the video, so you'll have to go to the link to watch it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick Baby :(

Poor kid. He must have caught whatever I've had for the past day, but worse. He's been throwing up all night.
This is what he looks like right now...dead asleep. My poor baby.

Tutorials and such

It's 5:15 in the morning and I've been up since 3. I think I'm getting sick... :( So, to keep me entertained until it's a decent hour in the morning, I've been looking at craft tutorials. I've found a bunch of stuff I want to make and hopefully can make in the near future all depending on my wonderful morning sickness. But let me share with you these beauties. (Click on them to go to the link)

For Baby
Burp cloth and Bib
Nursing Cover
Kimono Baby Booties
Knitted Mii Miitens
Make your own Baby Legs!

For the Sewer
Cute Pin cushion
Crocheted Cupcake Pin cushion
Weighted Pincushion Organizer (I'm making this for a Mother's Day Gift)

Small Baby Easter Basket
Silk Dyed Eggs
Fabric Easter Basket
Sweet-A Easter Basket (I want to make this one for my kiddos)

For Fun
Buttercup Bag (so cute!)
Make your own handwriting font
Lip Balm
Make Your Own Succulent Garden
Boxy Bag
Frilly Pillowcase
Pleated Purse
Pyramid Purse
Business Card Holder
Tote Bag
Yoga Mat Bag

Twilight Stuff
Themed Party
Printable Vampire Bottle Labels

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't want to turn this blog into pregnancy following, but that's all I have to post about right now. I'm not kidding, the second I hit the 5 week mark, morning sickness came on strong and along with it this time was heart burn/acid reflux. The heartburn would make my nausea SO much worse and between the two I could barely eat and even drink. Knowing how awful my last pregnancy was (9 months of basically living bent over the toilet), I immediately called the dr. for some medicine. Last time I took Phenergan. It was AMAZING, but it would knock me out for about 6 hours a day, so I asked the Dr. for something different. She perscribed me Zofran (the stuff they give Chemo patients for nausea). It is stronger and won't make me sleepy. AWESOME! Well, I took it, the nausea, throwing up, and heartburn all got worse. I was even more miserable. So, yesterday I called and asked for some Phenergan. I feel AMAZING now! I've been SO thirsty and now I can drink all the water I want without getting sick. I have an appetite and as long as I don't sit down and do something nonstimulating like watch TV, then I can stay awake. I'm also taking Prilosec for the heartburn and that's doing wonders also. I may just make it through this pregnancy afterall. It's weird that the Zofran didn't work for me when SO many women have said that it was a miracle worker, but then again, my body almost never reacts to medicine the same way that the majority of the population's does. Or maybe the pharmacist gave me a placebo. Jerk.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My parents used to have a cat that had pretty long hair and she would shed EVERYWHERE. When Gavin was littler and would chew on the couch or other things, he would always get cat fur in his mouth. My parents haven't had that cat for a while now, but whenever Gavin gets a mommy hair, string, fuzz etc. stuck on his finger/hand or in his mouth, he freaks out and says, "ew! Cat! Cat! Mommy, get cat off Damin (that's how he says his name)!"