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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yeah, I can pretty much do that. Well, in my mind I can do it. That counts for something, right? I'm addicted to Yoga and Pilates now. It's the highlight of my day and when I'm not at class, all I do is wish I was at class. I love how it makes my body feel and how I feel while moving my body in ways that I haven't done since my dancing days. In just a week, I can feel such a change in my strength and flexibility. If you want a hot bikini stomach...take Pilates. I'm not saying that I have one now or will ever (Gavin ruined that for me), but if I didn't have what Tim calls "Tiger Stripes", I'm sure Pilates would give me a bikini worthy stomach.
Our Dish Network has been officially cancelled as of yesterday. This is seriously a big sacrafice for us, but I'm already so glad it's gone! Tim and I will be forced into spending more quality time together and we need that!
I started reupholstering my kitchen chairs, and I think I'm in over my head. Tammy (Tim's mom) was out here last week and she taught me how to do it. We did one chair together. That one went together pretty easy, so I figured I could do the next one on my own. WRONG!! I can't get the freakin' tacks/nails to go in! I start hammering and they bend right in half. I don't know if the wood is too hard or I'm hitting something that happens to be everywhere I want to put the tack. AHHHH!! I am soooo frustrated! So now my kitchen chairs are all torn apart just waiting to be fixed. I'm tempted just to take them to a professional. It shouldn't be too bad since I've already taken off all the old fabric and have cut out all the new fabric. They would just need to tack it on! I think I'll look into that, because I want my chairs back! We need a place to sit!


Malorie said...

yea for yoga! Don't forget, staple guns are your friend (unless the tacks are on top or the sides).

mizkylie said...

Missy! Still waiting for your answer! I got the flirty girl videos and I love them so far, its fun, so it makes it easier to work out to.

Aaron said...

We canceled our TV service as well this past week. Just doing over the air TV and whatever is available on the internet. I look forward to not spending so much time on the couch.

mizkylie said...

I was asking if you go to classes or you have home videos??

Whitney said...

I really want to do Pilates, but I don't want to sign up for a gym membership to take a class. That's what you are doing, right? Dang. I need a place that I can just do it, without a stupid gym membership.