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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Something's wrong with me. Someone, PLEASE help me! Seriously! I have the hardest time falling asleep every single night. Last night, it wasn't until 4 AM. Usually it's around 2ish. I'll take sleeping pills until my body gets used to it, then I get off of them for awhile while my body "reboots" itself and then I take them again and so on and so on. I'll be SO extremely tired, but I start to freak myself out right as I'm dozing off. I get really anxious for some reason. Falling asleep makes me anxious....weird. I'm so tired all of the time, but I can't seem to fall asleep. I've tried Ambien didn't work AT ALL. The hard part is, is that once I do fall asleep, no matter what time that is, I HAVE to be up bright and early for Gavin. AH! I swear I'm going to go insane. But until then, please enjoy this video:


the MuLLinS said...

Tricia! I am almost the same way. I get anxiety about sleep too. I have this run through my head several times a night before I sleep: "(random thoughts) (random thoughts) (slowing down) ( dow..) WAIT A SECOND! I'M FALLING ASLEEP! WHOA! HOLD ON! THAT'S CRAZY!" And then I'm all wound up again and have to try all over again. It's so weird. I sometimes listen to quiet music that I can sing (in my head) along to so I don't notice myself slipping out, but mine doesn't sound as bad as yours, and you may have already tried that. Go see a sleep specialist! Sleep (and in turn your happiness and sanity and ability to go day to day) is worth way more than a visit to the Sleep Specialist! I worked for one once and it was way cool.

DMC Studios said...

I literally have a mini DVD player in my bed. I watch movies that I've seen a million times bc then I'll fall asleep easily bc I've seen them so much. White Christmas is my lifeline right now. I've fine tuned it after going through 3 players. I'll charge the player during the day and then run it on it's battery unplugged at night so that when I fall asleep the battery will run out and it'll automatically turn itself off. That way if it's got an annoying DVD menu (see cheaper by the dozen I) that replays over and over it'll shut itself up. I find that it helps me to stop thinking at night bc that's the main reason I can't fall asleep. I know this isn't the best idea for everyone but it really works for me. Otherwise I'll watch tv until the infomercials come on (in case you're wondering it's after the replay of oprah at 1:45) and then I'll try to fall asleep.

Well it ain't perfect but it works for me. I've trained myself to fall asleep within minutes with specific movies. I feel your pain. I'm commenting at 12:30am. Sorry you're dealing with it :(