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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing cool

I don't have anything good to post right now, just pictures of Gavin.

The other day I made some tortilla chips and we dipped them in hummus. Gavin would dip them and then only eat the tips off of the chips. He would then pile them up. When the pile got about 6 chips high, he called it a temple. Anything that is a pile or has a point is a temple.
I made him a little fort today and put on a movie on my laptop. He kept telling me to goaway and go cook. hm....


DMC Studios said...

Go cook? Hysterical. That kid has one of the best personalities I've ever seen. Danny and I look at each other and do the "Gavin smile", eyes up and everything, all the time. We think it's so funny!

Stringfellow Family said...

oh my heck that is sooo funny! Yeah TRICIA go COOK!