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Monday, February 23, 2009

Fallon, NV

Tim's parents are out in Fallon, NV (a little town about an hour away from Reno) visiting Tim's mom's (Tammy) parents. I've only met that set of grandparents once and it was during a family reunion almost 2 years ago, so we decided at the last minute to go out and visit them again. I'm so glad we did. They are some amazing people. We left at 2:00 am Saturday morning and arrived a little before 8:00 am Fallon time. Right away we started working. Ralph and Cecile (the grandparents) have a bunch of chickens. Hawks were trying to get the chickens and other little birds were stealing the chicken food, so they wanted to build a chicken run. Tim got to drive a tractor, so he was a happy boy. Gavin LOVED chasing the chickens around. He found a stick and started poking all the chicken food and water. I asked what he was doing and he said he was cooking! Ron (Tim's dad) got in the tractor with Gavin. He let Gavin take basically complete control of the steering wheel while he made the tractor got forwards and in reverse. Gavin thought that he was the one driving it. He was soooo excited. It was really cute! Ron let him drive the tractor down the street to Uncle Brett's house so we could have a big bonfire.
Cecile is an amazing seamstress. She's has TONS of fabric...every kind you can think of. She's always making blankets and clothes. Since she has so much fabric and because of her old age, she allows whomever comes over that sews to take all they want. Last time we went over, she had a 3-car garage absolutely filled with fabric. Mostly upholstery type fabric. I took a ton of fabric home that time, so now I have fabric to reupholster my kitchen chairs. This time around, I got more cotton and silk type fabric. The silks are absolutely beautiful! Three of the kinds I got are actually used as wallpaper! I'm going to redo some of my lamp shades in them, though, and use them for other little things. Cecile actually knows one of my favorite fabric designers, Heather Bailey. When I was gathering fabric, I found some Heather Bailey fabric. Cecile saw it and tells me she knows this desiner. Turns out, Cecile and Ralph are long time friends of the Bailey family. Isaac Bailey married Heather. Cecile has known Isaac since he was 2. Isaac's dad served in the Bishopric with Ralph. They came to meet Heather when she married into the family. Small world! Anyway, I got a bunch of cute fabric and Cecile taught me how to make rosettes! I can't wait to start more projects!
It was a really short trip. We left the following morning so that we could get back in time for Tim to get some sleep for his busy day at work. We had a lot of fun, and I'm so glad for the opportunity to get to spend some time with Ralph and Cecile. The more and more I'm around Ralph, the more and more I realize that naming Gavin after him was the perfect thing. I can see SO much of Ralph in Gavin, it's crazy! Well, here are some more pictures from the trip.

(Left picture) Gavin asked to go look for snakes and lizards. Even though it was too cold for either to be out, Tim and Gavin went searching. (Right Picture) Ralph loves to make faces. He kept popping his dentures out and putting them over his top lip. Gavin loved it when he did this. He couldn't figure out how Great Grandpa did that. Gavin kept trying to do it with his own mouth.

The middle picture of fabric is an antinque fabric straight from Indonesia. Tim's Uncle Brad designs funiture and has it built out in Indonesia. He frequently takes trips out there, and one time that he went, he took Cecile. She bought a whole bunch of vintage fabrics out there. She said that these fabric designs are made from a big block of carved wood that is stamped onto the fabric. I absolutely LOVE this piece of fabric!

These are the silks that I got. The right picture is a rosette that she gave me. I'm excited to make some of my own.


DMC Studios said...

I am very jealous of your new fabric. I don't even have a sewing machine, but it still makes me excited to see your fabric. I love that one in the middle on top. I wish I could make it a photography background. It would be brilliant. Do you knit and crochet by chance too?

Jenifer said...

It's great you were able to go out and see them. We haven't seen them for a while either. Looks like you have a really fun time!