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Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfectly Grateful

First off, I made the rice pack today and it is PERFECT! My feet and bed are all toasty right now. I'm glad I did it.

Tim's company, Cambridge Financial, had an awards banquet at Little America tonight. After meeting all these people that Tim works with and seeing the type of company that he works for, it has made me so grateful that he is able to work with such an amazing team of people. The majority of these men are SO successful, yet they are all still so humble and have so much integrity. The majority, probably something like 90% of the people he works with are LDS, which is, even in Utah, not very common to have a workplace that dominated by Mormons. At dinner tonight, they started the meal off with a prayer, which I thought was really cool. Then, the speakers all had something a little spiritual to say. I find this so cool that Tim gets to work with these men that recognize the Lord's hand in their success and give thanks to Him all of the time, even if it's at a work party. One of the qualifications for some of the awards given out was that not only was the employee successful, but that he continuously helped his junior colleagues move ahead. This company stresses the importance of working together and of donating time, money, and knowledge to those in the company that are newer. They're not about it being every man in it for himself. I'm so glad he's working with a team of people who are so willing to share the knowledge and experience with him to help make him more successful. I seriously could go on and on about how awesome this company is and how grateful I am that we get to be apart of it. I am so glad that the Lord led us to this company.


Whitney said...

It's pretty fun to see how well these guys do at work. Soon it will be Tim getting recognized as one of the top guys. :)

Chunk N ME said...

Tricia I love you!! I love how you changed your blog name! LOL!!! I hope Daughtry will be as much fun as Damin Satan. . . what rhymes with Daughtry? Naughty? uh oh! ;)