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Monday, January 26, 2009


Tim has been taking our laptop with him to work every day and then comes home and works on it, so I rarely ever get to do things on the computer. After enough complaining, I finally got my own laptop. I made sure it was pink so that Tim wouldn't be tempted to take the NEW laptop to work with him! Sucker! I'm finally going to be able to blog again and waste countless hours on the computer doing absolutely nothing. Life is wonderful. I've finally been able to upload pictures from our camera of Christmas and everything after it. I'm sorry there are more late Christmas pics. Just blame it on Tim for being lame and taking the computer from me every day.

One of my roommates from Sophomore year, Ashlee, moved to Texas. A few weeks before she moved, Tim was out of town, so we decided to have one last sleep over before she left. I'm so sad she's gone now, but I'm aslo so happy that she finally gets to be with her husband! I LOVE YOU, ASHLEE!
Ashlee, me and Courtney

On Christmas Eve we took Gavin sledding for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised to see how much he actually enjoyed it. We thought he'd be so scared. After going down the hill with Tim and me, he was finally up for going down by himself. So, naturally Tim takes him to the biggest hill there and sends Gavin down by himself. Halfway down the hill Gavin fell off as we knew he would and the slid down the rest of the way. He LOVED it, though!

Look closely at Gavin...poor kid

Gavin got some tools for Christmas. He loves his drill.

Gavin took a liking to an empty diaper box. He would drag it everywhere and sit in it with atleast 4 blankets and a pillow. His favorite place to put it and sit in it was on the couch.

After I threw the box away, he emptied his little toy box and got in that.

Gavin found an old tiara of mine and put it on. Tim loved this...

Any of you that know me well, know that I LOVE blankets. At night, I can't get enough blankets on me. Gavin is the same. He can't have just one blanket on him, he has to have every blanket that he can find. Here he is eating breakfast with atleast three blankets on him.

Tim, my dad and Bryce (our brother-in-law) went to a car show. Bryce brought back a car magazine. Gavin insisted it was his and took it. He slept with it, ate all his meals with it...everything. When I would go to get him out of his crib, he'd be sitting there looking through the magazine saying, "this is mommy's car, this is daddy's car, this is Jen's car, this is Mat's car, etc..." It was sooo cute!

I know that this is a HUGE post (again, it's all Tim's fault), but just a few more things. If you ask Gavin to say his name, he says it 'Damin Satan'. We've started potty training a few weeks ago and Gavin is doing AWESOME! I'm so proud of him!

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Whitney said...

Yes, I believe that the DVD will give you hot, sexy legs! You should try it! Also, Gavin is the funniest kid! I love hearing about all of the funny things that he does.