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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Draper Temple

I just got back from the Draper Temple Open House. I went with Gavin and Tim. This was the second time I have gone. I went last Wednesday with the YM/YW. That temple is GORGEOUS! When we walked into the Celestial Room and Gavin saw the huge chandelier, his eyes got really big and he said, "wow!" He loved all the chandeliers in there. Afterwards, I asked him what his favorite part was and he said the bus and cookies. You have to ride a bus up to the temple, and he LOVED that. I'm glad I got to take him to see that. He calls the temple, "Jesus' Temple". It's so cute!


The Thueson's said...

Tricia!! Thanks for your comment! Okay.. DUMB question I am sure.. but what is a basting stitch??

The Thueson's said...

Oh I just read about your temple experience! I am excited to go to it! I think I have like another month to wait though :) haha! Anyway.. thanks for all of your help! I will try it later today when Em naps! Well..if I have enough satin too! I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again! You are awesome!!

Phil and Ashlee said...

Cute Tricia! I miss you and Gavin. He has some pretty dreamy eyes.

So to answer your important questions.. 1. I do mainly nothing all day 2. I have been making lots of cards which keeps me entertained for a few hours, as long as I can get the energy to get off the couch that day 3. I am reading Escape right now for a book group I joined.. I am not sure how I feel about it.. it's about a girl who escaped from the FLDS compound..err 4. I did make 4 pans of enchiladas today.. that was a little ambitious. Other than that I haven't been cooking lots since Phil works all the time and eats at work. 5. As you can see my life is really fun right now and yes you should be jealous. I decided to get ready today at 10am instead of 4pm because I think I was falling into a slight depression from lounging around in my PJs and watching CSI-NY all day.. Pathetic I just wrote all of this.. I should have just called lol

So basically I don't do anything all day. It may sound fun but it's not.